Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Sucker for Food Spin-offs

Recently, I found myself unable to resist trying out my favorite foods in different sizes and flavors.  I'm walking down the cereal aisle and I see "NEW Jumbo Rice Krispies!", "Frosted-Mini Wheats: Little Bites", "Frosted-Mini Wheats: Blueberry flavored".  Cool! I thought.  I ended up buying all of them.

Jumbo Rice Krispies: blegh.. they were made with multi-grain. gross.
Frosted Mini Wheats - Little Bites: Mini-Mini Wheats? These were a winner.  I actually prefer the new little bites size.  It just feels right in my mouth.  These should be the new regular size, cus they aren't even that little!
Frosted Mini Wheats - Blueberry - Horrible as a cereal, great as a snack! It's too sweet for breakfast, but its great for watching tv or CoD.

I'm at my uncle's house and I see a bag of GIANT Cheetos.  Whoa cool I wanna try!  I don't know what it is about these food spinoffs, but they are almost insta-buys.  That's a tip for you snack industry.  The Giant cheetos were interesting, definitely robbed your mouth of all the saliva.  But I really wished they were Hot Giant Cheetos (just found out they exist!), because Hot Cheetos are like crack to me.

Pasadena School Bans sale of Hot Cheetos to kids
Heh how ridiculous and sad, I would have been devastated if that happened to me as a kid.  Theres this video of a radio show host slangin' Hot Cheetos to the kids.  hilariously awesome.

The Creature from the Black Jacuzzi

So Dillon and I were at a friends house and we were checking out their backyard.  We saw that they had a hot tub which was awesome but quickly saw that it was in really bad shape.  There was murky water, beer cans, and leaves everywhere.  We start joking around about if they can raise catfish in there since it looked like a natural habitat already (minus the beer cans).  Then we see this mossy lump in the center of the hot tub..

Our friend picks up a branch and starts poking at it:
Friend:"what the hell is this... it's soft..." (branch goes through) "it gave in!"
D: "try picking it up" (friend proceeds and we see some brown lump that starts to fall apart)
C: "omg is that a bone, i swear i see a bone"
Friend: "omg it reeks!" (drops the branch and we all run back into the house because of the absolute putrid gas that escaped from the murky water)

Dillon and I definitely agreed that we saw a bone of some sort, and we tell our other friend about it.  He's thinking we're crazy so he comes with us to check it out again.  He takes a piece of wood, pokes around swirling the water.  He digs deep and lifts the mossy brown lump up.  There in clear view we see what seems to be a brown shape and bones with white flesh falling off of it.  Intestines were floating on the top of the water and the smell would make you vomit on the spot. 

It was definitely one of the grossest things I've witnessed.  We were all disgusted and regretted going back out there to check it out.  We still don't know what it is, and we don't want to find out.  Whatever was down there was definitely evil.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


So my cousin (let's call him Rafael for anonymity's sake) is 16 now.  This is a very exciting time, because it's when you learn to drive!   I decided to take him because I've been lagging on establishing my Oregon residence, which.. comes with perks like MUCH cheaper annual vehicle registration fees.  yay


But we ran into so many roadblocks along the way.  I'm just gonna list them so that we can look back one day and laugh.

1.  Saturday, we decide to go to the DMV and the closest one that was open on a Saturday was at the mall.  We go there, and find out that it doesn't do the written tests.  Fail.
2.  Monday we decide to go to the DMV and the GPS got SE Powell St. and E Powell St. mixed up.  Let's just say I drove from 120Ave to 22nd Ave (what the.. where's the DMV? STUPID GPS) and then finally 22nd Ave to 242nd Ave.  Fail.
3.  When we get there, the form says he needs parent or guardian signature.  I don't qualify as guardian.  Fail.
4.  But I got to take the test! and I passed, woohoo! I am now an Oregonian.  Pass!
5.  Rafael finally gets to take the test the next day and guess what?  Fail. :)

 The first time I got my license, I was 135lbs.  So every time I get a new license, it's +10 lbs. DUN DUN DUNN.....

Either I start living an active lifestyle or.. I never get another license again.. hmmm...

Sunday, March 14, 2010


HAH, I just thought of the title like RIGHT now.  Ain't it clever?


Anyways.. I was checking up on Kenneth after dinner to see what he was up to.  This is the cousin that tried to get me sick.  Yep he's a interesting dude that spends all of his time in his room either playing Starcraft or playing guitar.  But today, I walk into his room and theres mangled up colored square papers all over the place.

"What are you up to Kenneth?"
"I'm folding Origami."
(wow that's different)
"Check out my ninja star!!" *chucks it fullforce at me and it bounces off my head*
"Ow! that hurt what the hell Kenneth!" 

I picked up his work of art, and it was actually pretty cool.  a star made up of 5 dollar bills.  He also offers me some "french fries", which to my dissapointment were also made from paper.  I don't even like french fries! but my fatass still wanted to eat some.  We then started looking at this Origami website with everything from Cookie Monster to Tyrannosaurus (thank you spellcheck) Rex.  I got excited when i saw the Pegasus which was classified C for complex.

Kenneth was all like, thats hard man, what have you folded before?  I was like PSHH I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering bitch! I can do it! ..... I couldn't get past the 1st page before my square paper turned into a ball.  So we kept looking, couldn't even fold the Swan, so we kept looking.  Then we came across the "1-fold Stegosaurus" and busted up laughing:

 Do you see the Stegosaurus? haha

That was the first thing I was able to fold -_- ... baby steps.  baby steps.  By the end of it all though, I made something I was proud of!

Can you guess what it is? First correct answer in the comments um... gets to have it! hahaha

French Fries:

5 Dollar Ninja Star!

5 Dollar Origami Star - The most popular videos are here

Hawthorne Boulevard: Portland's Haight

Today was the first sunny day this week, so I decided to go out and look around.  First, I stopped by for a haircut from my uncle.  Unfortunately, there was some miscommunication and I now have an asian boy cut.  The front was quite overly straight!  It's better now after I softened up the lines with my trimmer.  Oh well, It wouldn't be cool to go back and tell him to fix it.  Maybe I'll join the trend and shave it all in a few weeks!

Option Moe? (haha it's not that bad)

Or Option Curly?

Wikipedia: "Hawthorne Boulevard was named after Dr. J.C. Hawthorne, the cofounder of Oregon's first mental hospital. The road was originally named Asylum Avenue."

Interesting!  Anyways, I was browsing on Yelp on places to go and I found Hawthorne Boulevard which has been notably described as Portland's Haight St.  Rad.  When I got there, it immediately reminded me of Haight back home.  The tattoo/piercing shops, hippies, hipsters, used clothing stores, and guitar-dude singing about hipsters gave me that same laid back feeling I had walking on Haight.  I hurriedly parked my car (plenty of spaces!) anxious to check out the stores.

First stop was Powell's Bookstore.  I read on Yelp that it was a pretty famous independent bookstore around here.  It was a lot like Green Apple's plus a cafe on the side.  I almost purchased Catch-22 (I like war and I like satire) to just chill and read in the cafe but it was almost 5 already so damn me for lagging.  I'll be back on another lazy weekend though.  Hmm... reading a book in a cafe, feels kinda like a movie cliche.  Hell whatever it seems like a relaxing time to me!

Another book that caught my eye was The Smart Aleck's guide to American History.  I realized that I've been so far out of school now that I barely know anything about US History anymore.  I remember a few months ago, my co-worker/roommate who was born in China was touted how he was more American than us.  He's been to most of the 50 states, knew all the 13 original colonies (when us US-borned couldn't name all of them with our brain powers combined).  Now I know I shouldn't be fazed by this and those things are trivial.  But I don't want to end up like those college students on Jay-Walking... Knowledge is Power!

I sure strayed from the topic.  But anyways the main point of this post is that Hawthorne was like 20% of Haight.  I was dissappointed when I walked 2-3 blocks and the hippy groovyness had already ended!  I just browsed some clothing thrifts (Buffalo, Crossroads), bought a $7 jacket, got a hotdog and got outta there.  There were some highlights to the place though, so it's not like I wouldn't wanna go back.  There are a lot of interesting looking restaurants and unique theaters that I'd definitely want to check out with a companion!  Eating food and watching shows by yourself isn't too fun :P

woop woop woop woop!
why you little...!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Food Challenge: Infinity Hawt Wings

Hot - Chicken BonZ

It was crazy hot.  My mouth was on fire, face was burning and my entire upper body was on pins and needles!  It was a hell of an experience.  So I went with my cousin to Chicken BonZ for all you can eat chicken wings (lemon pepper is de best).  He was doing a video project for class about eating competitions and he decided to go to Chicken BonZ to eat their Infinity Hot Wings and document it.  He had eaten the IHWs before, and vowed to never ever eat them again.  But having short term memory in one hand, and pride in the other, he decided to go do it again.  Being the great cousin I am, I decided to give him moral support by foolishly eating the wing with him. 

 If you can't see the wings, don't worry.. they're there. (...there there there)

I vow not to ever eat the IHW again.

It was pretty funny, we both bought a quart of milk from the nearby Safeway.  The waitress thought we were foolish to order the IHW "sure... if you really want it... at least you guys are prepared! (looking at the milks)"  But yea, that sauce is so spicy.  I didn't feel anything through the first wing, because I was focusing on finishing it.  But once I bit into the second wing, it hit me like a tidal wave.  I couldn't even finish the second wing.  Everbody was laughing about how my face was sweating so much it looked like I just came out of a shower. 

Right afterward I thought, hmm.. this wasn't too bad.  I actually kinda like it.  It's like a wasabi rush times 10, I might do this again!  *ANKKK* wrong.  The worst was to come.  For the next 3 days, my stomache became a gas factory.   Or more like a Volcano; Spicy in... Spicy out.. @_@.  It's horrible!!

Never Again
(unless monetary rewards are involved)

(pics and possible vid?  TBA when available)

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

More on Mt. Hood Snowboarding

Oh yea, I forgot to add.

I was looking at other resorts besides Mt. Hood Meadows.  And I found out there's a resort near it called Timberline Lodge. (linky1  linky2) Apparently it's got some history/legacy and lot's of pro's come to train there.  Why?

It's open 51 weeks a year.  Yep, thats right.  The only lift-accessible summer ski resort in the country just 60 miles away. 


That's pretty crazy. 

Mt. Hood Snowboarding

I've been having great weekends here.  Mt. Hood is so accessible from Portland! You can see the mountain from the city.  It only takes a little over an hour to get there and back, and combined with the $25 nightboarding deal equals a great weekend day.

View of Mt. Hood from Portland. (Together!): "oOOOOoo"

The first time I went, I took Daniel and Kenneth for their first time boarding.  They had this great $25 lesson+rental+lift ticket deal for beginners that we took advantage of.  We arrived an hour early so I decided to take them up myself and teach them some things before their lesson.  Since friends so graciously took the time to teach me, I had to give back.  It was pretty fun and funny showing the eager lads the ropes.  After the 2nd run, it was time for their lesson (woohoo! it was my secret ploy to have 2 hours to myself).


Kenneth was just sitting there.  He sat there for a long time.  When he started walking toward us, I saw his hand was in an awkward stiff position.  Crap.  He hurt his thumb.  We spent an hour at the clinic, and I ended up teaching Daniel.  Don't get me wrong it was fun, but I was so eager to go up higher and work on carving.

poor kid, injured on the 2nd run.
My car only has room for 3 people + board (see post) so I couldn't bring little Celina with us the first time.  She looked so sad the night before, like she was going to cry.  So....

Roof Rack baby!

Whattaya think? They were OEM MINI branded, so I didn't have to drill holes in my roof.  I kinda like 'em.  It definitely changes the look, but they don't look out of place.  The rack works wonders, I bought a Thule 4 snowboard attachment for it, and I took all the kids the 2nd weekend.  I was extremely pleased because 1st of all no one got injured, and 2ndly they all took their 2hr lessons :)

 They were damned good, and damned expensive.  Just like Hookers!

Hiatus Over! Call of Duty

My Call of Duty

P1: Hi, My Name is LickWick, and I'm a MW2-holic
P2: You're in a safe place LickWick, but we don't use gamertags here.
P1: oh I'm sorry.. I'll try again.  Hi, My Name is....uh.. oh yea, Chunlick, and I'm a MW2-holic. 
All: Hi Chunlick!

Dear World, 

I'm back at blogspot! It's been a while, and we can all lay blame to CoD: Modern Warfare 2.  It all started two weeks ago, when I was playing at Gary's house.  I was horrible, always dying 5x more than I was killing.  But the Wu-man starts giving me these pro-tips (he's godly) and I come back to Portland and straight up start killin' foos left and right!  That's when I got hooked @_@. POWPOWPOW

I've been playing almost every night, bleeding away my hours like they were nothing! It was crazy, and I didn't care! Now, 40 levels later I look back and see all the destruction (in real life) I've caused.  I flashbanged this blog, jammed my online friends RADAR, and took an RPG to my own personal hygiene.  (It's not too bad, I just accidentally skipped brushing my teeth that bad?)  So now I'm putting a limit to how much I play.  I'm feeling the urge to play at this very moment.  But I can't neglect this blog, my friends, and my teeth forever!


PS3: In all honesty, the recent global shutdown of fatPS3's may have caused me to stop playing momentarily.  I have a slimPS3, but today, all these highlevel fatPS3er's came on PSN to binge play and shot the hell out of me.  I had a 0-9 record.  I rage quitted.  The end.