Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Creature from the Black Jacuzzi

So Dillon and I were at a friends house and we were checking out their backyard.  We saw that they had a hot tub which was awesome but quickly saw that it was in really bad shape.  There was murky water, beer cans, and leaves everywhere.  We start joking around about if they can raise catfish in there since it looked like a natural habitat already (minus the beer cans).  Then we see this mossy lump in the center of the hot tub..

Our friend picks up a branch and starts poking at it:
Friend:"what the hell is this... it's soft..." (branch goes through) "it gave in!"
D: "try picking it up" (friend proceeds and we see some brown lump that starts to fall apart)
C: "omg is that a bone, i swear i see a bone"
Friend: "omg it reeks!" (drops the branch and we all run back into the house because of the absolute putrid gas that escaped from the murky water)

Dillon and I definitely agreed that we saw a bone of some sort, and we tell our other friend about it.  He's thinking we're crazy so he comes with us to check it out again.  He takes a piece of wood, pokes around swirling the water.  He digs deep and lifts the mossy brown lump up.  There in clear view we see what seems to be a brown shape and bones with white flesh falling off of it.  Intestines were floating on the top of the water and the smell would make you vomit on the spot. 

It was definitely one of the grossest things I've witnessed.  We were all disgusted and regretted going back out there to check it out.  We still don't know what it is, and we don't want to find out.  Whatever was down there was definitely evil.


Cora L. said...

OMg. Hire a pool cleaner. DEFINITELY WORTH THE MONEYS!!!

D42 said...