Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Mt. Hood Snowboarding

I've been having great weekends here.  Mt. Hood is so accessible from Portland! You can see the mountain from the city.  It only takes a little over an hour to get there and back, and combined with the $25 nightboarding deal equals a great weekend day.

View of Mt. Hood from Portland. (Together!): "oOOOOoo"

The first time I went, I took Daniel and Kenneth for their first time boarding.  They had this great $25 lesson+rental+lift ticket deal for beginners that we took advantage of.  We arrived an hour early so I decided to take them up myself and teach them some things before their lesson.  Since friends so graciously took the time to teach me, I had to give back.  It was pretty fun and funny showing the eager lads the ropes.  After the 2nd run, it was time for their lesson (woohoo! it was my secret ploy to have 2 hours to myself).


Kenneth was just sitting there.  He sat there for a long time.  When he started walking toward us, I saw his hand was in an awkward stiff position.  Crap.  He hurt his thumb.  We spent an hour at the clinic, and I ended up teaching Daniel.  Don't get me wrong it was fun, but I was so eager to go up higher and work on carving.

poor kid, injured on the 2nd run.
My car only has room for 3 people + board (see post) so I couldn't bring little Celina with us the first time.  She looked so sad the night before, like she was going to cry.  So....

Roof Rack baby!

Whattaya think? They were OEM MINI branded, so I didn't have to drill holes in my roof.  I kinda like 'em.  It definitely changes the look, but they don't look out of place.  The rack works wonders, I bought a Thule 4 snowboard attachment for it, and I took all the kids the 2nd weekend.  I was extremely pleased because 1st of all no one got injured, and 2ndly they all took their 2hr lessons :)

 They were damned good, and damned expensive.  Just like Hookers!


Cora L. said...

OMG wtf those nachos look fantastic!!

I bet the roofrack was expensive, but now that gives you motivation to hit the slopes more often!!

Fishy said...

I wish I was snowboarding too :(