Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Hiatus Over! Call of Duty

My Call of Duty

P1: Hi, My Name is LickWick, and I'm a MW2-holic
P2: You're in a safe place LickWick, but we don't use gamertags here.
P1: oh I'm sorry.. I'll try again.  Hi, My Name is....uh.. oh yea, Chunlick, and I'm a MW2-holic. 
All: Hi Chunlick!

Dear World, 

I'm back at blogspot! It's been a while, and we can all lay blame to CoD: Modern Warfare 2.  It all started two weeks ago, when I was playing at Gary's house.  I was horrible, always dying 5x more than I was killing.  But the Wu-man starts giving me these pro-tips (he's godly) and I come back to Portland and straight up start killin' foos left and right!  That's when I got hooked @_@. POWPOWPOW

I've been playing almost every night, bleeding away my hours like they were nothing! It was crazy, and I didn't care! Now, 40 levels later I look back and see all the destruction (in real life) I've caused.  I flashbanged this blog, jammed my online friends RADAR, and took an RPG to my own personal hygiene.  (It's not too bad, I just accidentally skipped brushing my teeth ONCE...is that bad?)  So now I'm putting a limit to how much I play.  I'm feeling the urge to play at this very moment.  But I can't neglect this blog, my friends, and my teeth forever!


PS3: In all honesty, the recent global shutdown of fatPS3's may have caused me to stop playing momentarily.  I have a slimPS3, but today, all these highlevel fatPS3er's came on PSN to binge play and shot the hell out of me.  I had a 0-9 record.  I rage quitted.  The end.

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Cora L. said...

Mhm, stop neglecting your friends! We need to know what's going on up in the country LOL.

And dude, brush your teeth kay!