Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Damned OSU and AlertSF

Shit Happens
So over the weekend, I visited Oregon State to hangout with the cousins.  I parked my car on Friday thinking, wow this is a huge spot.  Oregon is great because you never have to circle around for parking.  But then.. on Sunday I went out for a Home Depot run with David and when I got to my car, it was glaring at me.  Yea. a scratch about 4 inches long and paint thickness deep was on my left rear bumper.  wtf.  some idiot pulled out of the spot behind me and nicked my bumper.  really?! how much room do you need?! godamn.  It was the first significant scratch on my car.  I mean if it was my old used car, I wouldn't have even noticed.  But this was my first.  I thought my first scratch like that would come from parking in tight spots in the city.  OSU students can't park for @&##&@. 

[Picture Here]

Shit Happens, but AlertSF is on your side!

On a brighter note, I was just talking to Alex about AlertSF and its awesomely useful usefulness.  We both got a text today sent to our cell phone telling us about a fallen broken cable on the Bay Bridge at 1925 hours (7:25).  (Luckily no one was seriously injured) About an hour later, it says to not use the bridge tomorrow, because there have not been plans to re-open.  I didn't realize that it impacted me until Alex pointed out I'm going to be using the bridge soon when I come back.  Couple weeks ago, we both got another text about flooding in SF due to heavy rain.  I wasn't in the city, but its a good heads up.  This service is extremely useful, especially during times of emergencies.  It's great knowing that you'll be alerted about any potential dangers in your city within a few minutes on your cell phone.  I have my family on it now, and Alex told his brother, so lets spread the word!

Basketball, The Twilight Zone and Cousins

3on3 Basketball
So on Saturday I played 3v3 basketball with my cousins and their friends.  I'm not very athletic and I'm terrible at basketball, so I always get a little of nervous when I play a game.  Luckily I was on Dillon and David's team, and they are damned good.  Dillon was doing these crazy layups with a bum ankle, and David was draining 3's all day.  Haha, the guy that had to guard him one game got frustrated after David busted 3 straight shots in his face and yelled: "THATS IMPOSSIBLE!! I COULDN'T HAVE BEEN ANY CLOSER!!"  I did pretty decent, only took open shots, and drove it in couple of times so I had a pretty good time.

But I did do my trademark airball shenanigans once.  Everytime I play with my cousins, I swear this happens.  I cut to the hoop, and someone dishes me a beautiful pass.  I catch it with my back turned toward the hoop a foot away from the basket, do a seemingly easy turnaround short shot, and completely airball it.  Oh man, and the worst part is when I do this, I instinctively yell out a loud aiyah!  (kinda like oh shit, but my chinese-ness takes over) and everyone just busts up laughing because it looks like I pulled something mid-shot.  hahaha fail "(holding in laughter) are you okay chad?"

The Twilight Zone
(press play if you want to get in the mood heh)

So I just thought of this when I was driving back to Portland from Corvallis, and thought about it more when I was showering today (I always think of the best things when I'm driving or showering).   So Dillon and I are pretty much the best of pals since he was born (he was born during my red egg party and we all rushed to the hospital).  So here's the eerie parallel universe part:

1.  We both went to agricultural schools (Oregon State and UC Davis) for college to study Mechanical Engineering, about 1.5 hours from home. (interesting.. but not too strange yet).
1a.  An hour away from both our agricultural schools, is a more prestigious school (University of Oregon, and UC Berkeley) which are both known as "Hippie Towns" and smell of it too!
2.  We both had roommates named Frank (zomg)
3.  Both Franks majored in the biological sciences
4.  Both Franks have a proven reputation for high tolerance of alcohol.  (we thought this was pretty cool and laughed about it a lot)
5.  This is Dillon's last year, and he took in a new roommate cus he needed a place to stay for a short period of time.  So I met his new roommate Vince, the guy who introduced us to the boxing pad drills.  Pretty cool dude.
6.  Then while I was driving, I realized in my last year, when Anthony moved out, we took in a 3rd roommate to help cover costs.  What was his name? yea you guessed it.. VINCE.  (WHATTT?! cue twilight zone music!)

My 10 Year Old Cousin PWNZ
 (I don't use the word PWNZ much, its reserved for special occasions)

Hey Celina! watcha doin? facebooking? maplestory?... is that a gun? O_O

sorry for the long blog post, but I just couldn't ignore this one.   I was hanging out with the younger cousins today and decided to check on little 10 year old Celina.  What do 10 year old girls do on their spare time? I have no idea, because when I was 10 all my pals were guys.  Here Celina is, happily killing strangers on the internet playing her favorite First Person Shooter called Combat Arms using a touchpad.

So whenever you're playing Halo or Call of Duty, be careful.  You might get yourself embarrassed by a 10 year old girl haha

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fitness Fun

I had a WTB post last week about buying gloves and mitts to play around with, and I bought them! I got them online because Big 5 had no selection and they were overpriced.  So I hunted online for a while..

Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves 14oz Black from Amazon.com

Top Contender Leather Focus Mitts from BoxingDepot.com

Haha I always spend way too much time researching stuff online b4 I buy it.  I'd go up and down different price ranges, I almost bought 60+ dollar mitts! But I snapped back to rationality and got the 30 dollar ones.  It's so hard to choose what equipment you want, but Boxing Depot had the widest selection and a very reasonable shipping rate (2.95 vs 10+ at other places).  I can't wait to get these and start pummeling!

(Also, I got an email from BoxingDepot saying that if I posted about them on my blog, I'd get a free Everlast desktop punching bag.   I already have one at home, but.. its free! Whoever wants it can have it, first comment wins!)

Crap I had more fitness stuff to talk about, but my battery is complaining... ill continue tomorrow

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Future and TV Shows... Futurama?

Nope not Futurama, but I just finished watching the first episode of FlashForward and man, I am hooked now.  I tend to stray from dramas because I'm more of a comedy show kind of guy, but I heard good things about FF so I decided to try it out.  It kind of felt like watching Heroes for the first time when it was new and exciting (not cluttered and drawn out)!  Shows like this just intrigue you with something improbable, and your curiosity just sucks you in.  I hope the storyline doesn't fray into a billion different directions like what happened in Heroes, but so far so good.  It's about everyone in the whole world blacking out at the exact same time and......ok I have to leave it at that don't want to spoil :)

Ep 1 @ Hulu

Oh yea! Almost forgot.  John Cho is in it lol.  For some reason it always cracks me up when I see John Cho in things.  The dude is everywhere!  Nick and Norah, Star Trek, HIMYM.  I like the guy, but it just cracks me up.

Also caught a couple minutes of Community, pretty funny, but not sure if I'm gonna follow it yet.

Another Future related funny some Oregonian (yea that's what their called) friend of mine posted on his FB: 
The World of Tomorrow (If The Internet Disappeared Today)

My favorite are #14, #4, and of course, #1....damn you NUMBER 1!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Now that I'm 23, I feel like I have the privilege to use the phrase "Kids these days"

For example, today my 14 year old cousin Kenneth comes home from school with a 99cent Arizona fruit punch drink. I'm thinking, nice! Cheap and refreshing. Good Job Kenny.

Kenneth: "Chad, you want some?"
me: "yea sure" *slurp* "Thanks man i really needed that"
Kenneth: "No problem"
(we talk a little bit about school and stuff and then....)
Kenneth: *cough* *cough* *COUGH* (I hear mucus O_O)
me: "what the hell Kenneth, are you sick?!"
Kenneth: "nope"
me: "then why are you coughing so much, you sound like you're sick!!"
Kenneth: "nah, i'm not sick anymore. I WAS sick, but now I'm just coughing"
me: "DUDE, thats just as bad, why'd you give me your drink?! I'm gonna get the swine flu!!"
Kenneth: "I don't have the swine flu, just the swine"
me: "what the hell does that mean?"
Kenneth: "I dont have the full symptoms of the flu, just a sore throat and a cough, so i just have swine."
me: "Kenneth!! you're gonna kill me!"
Kenneth: *laughs hysterically* (which triggers another coughing spree, nasty.)

...Kids these days.

Monday, October 19, 2009

WTB: Boxing Gloves and Pads

That kid is crazy.  But he's not the main point of this post.  I want a set of gloves and pads! This weekend, I was hanging out at my cousin Dillon's apartment and he shows me his room mate's set of gloves and pads.  Apparently his roomie practices Wing Chun, and taught Dillon how to do some drills.  Man seeing those gloves just brought back fondish memories of when my friends and I boxed in highschool.


Anyways, Dillon had me do some drills of Jab-Hook-Uppercut and it was great! I was really slow and uncoordinated, but punching things just feels good. Definitely a good stress reliever. pop-pop POW pop-pop POW! After 2 sets of drills, I was spent. It's one of the funnest cardio I've done, and now my back and arm muscles are sore. I'm itching to snag a set and do this with my buddies.

Cardio + De-Stress + Muskles! = Let's get it on, DING DING DING!

NBA Fantasy Draft 2009-2010

Yesterday I participated in my first ever NBA fantasy draft with my cousin and his friends.  I tried this last year with some randoms, and had no idea what I was doing so I just quit before I started.  It was actually pretty fun doing the draft!  I got to be 2nd pick, and was about to get King James, but Dillon's friend was praying to god for him.  Haha the guy even had Lebron's Jersey on.  I would have felt horrible if I took it away from him.  So I settled for the Black Mamba: Kobe Bryant.  Now I'm ready for the smack talking!

  1. Rajon Rondo
  2. Kobe Bryant
  3. Paul Pierce
  4. Rashard Lewis
  5. David Lee
  6. Andrea Bargnani
  7. Andrew Bynum
  8. Andrew Bogut
  9. Jason Terry
  10. Richard Hamilton
  11. Stephen Curry
  12. Yi Jianlian
  13. Kelenna Azubuike
Its funny I picked up 3 centers with the name Andre_ B.  haha after the 1st 5, I had no clue who to pick, so the rest are a mix of suggestions from others, and my gamble picks.  Stephen Curry! don't fail me!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blast From the Past II

Henry just sent me a gem from high school lol, putting it here for the memories.

November 2002

b: hey chadmaster
Chun Lick: i see u recognize
b: hahaha
b: you have to say "besta reckanize dizzawg"
Chun Lick: You would best recognize, my dog,
b: "nigga, what be's yo stank ass mo fuckin shit dawg problem brah?"
b: englishize that
Chun Lick: Negro, what in the lord's name are you finding problematic, brother?

Michael Jackson Video Game?!?!

I wasn't gonna blog this until I wake up, but what the hell.  I got trashed today playing Tower and Kings Cup and I just don't want to sleep yet.  I don't wanna fall asleep with a throbbing headache, and I want to talk about my video games!

So the day I got to Eugene David's roommate Simon shows me his modded X-BOX loaded up with pretty much ALL THE GAMES in the world ever made! (NES, SNES, GENESIS, ATARI, MAME (arcade), XBOX, N64) Ok, maybe not all the games, but it's pretty sweet.  I was planning to just KO once I got there, but this was just too awesome.  I need something like this soon, imagine playing the following games, without getting up to change the cartridge or powering up another console.

1. Sunset Riders
2. Tetris Attack  (my favorite game of all time)
3. Mario Kart 64
4a. Goldeneye
4b. Perfect Dark
5. Halo 2
6. Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (?????)

Wow that last game was the most ridiculous yet fun game I've played.  Haha so you play as Michael Jackson, killing bad guys.  And Michael Jackson has "The Force" (the lightning thing that comes out of your hands in Star Wars).  Powerups? A monkey shows up, and when you go up to it, you transform into a robot Michael that shoots lasers?!!?   And the most hilarious and mind-boggling part is the end when you win.  Michael morphs into a jet airplane and flies away?! WHAT!?  Oh yea, his special move is him pulling off moves from Billie Jean, Thriller, or Smooth Criminal, and everythign on the screen just dies lol.  The best part of the game in my opinion is the music.  Beat it, Smooth Criminal, Billie Jean, BAD, Thriller.  awesome. 

Enjoy, and crave this game :)

The Ending, Skip to 2:50

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Solo Roadtrip to Eugene!

It was pretty fun overall, I really like driving long distances.  It's pretty peaceful and kinda liberating.  All you need is your favorite music, and its a go! I definitely want to do a cross country roadtrip some day.  

1.  Live 105 - Best station in the Bay, started off with IINTERGALACTIC PLANETARYY
2.  Beatles Love Album - road trip singalong, i need to see the Cirque du Soleil Love show
3.  Infected Mushroom - Vicious Delicious
4.  Never have I ever played Never Have I Ever on the phone, until now. thanks Meg! that was a good hour killed.
5.  Across the Universe Soundtrack - More singalongs :)
6.  The Hush Sound - So Sudden, Like Vines, Goodbye Blues - great roadtrip albums!
7.  Tiesto Kaleidoscope
8.  Daft Punk - Alive 2007 - RoooBooot

-Virginia's Veronas, nomnomnom
-Beef Jerky Original (peppered is so much better, or Jamaica Me Crazy!)
-Japanese snack mix, nomnom
-V8 Fusion, water, Mt. Dew 

By The Numbers: 
Minis Spotted: 2 :)
Cops Spotted: 4
Mini to Cop Ratio: 0.5 :(
Max Speed: 95 mph
Avg Speed: 63.8 mph
Miles, Davis to Eugene: 466 Miles
Gas used: ~14.0265 gallons
Fuel Economy: 33.22 mpg  (supposed to be 32 Highway, pretty close)
Rest Stops: 1
Caffeine drinks: 1 (mountain dew)

+ Taking a 3 hour pit stop in Davis and having a bomb ass burrito at Davis Taqueria with Franky. 

+ Playing Never Have I Ever on the phone with a drunk friend haha, it sure helped me fight the deadly burrito food coma.
+ That IS300 (Brian?) after the Oregon Border.  He creeps up behind me really fast and passes me, and I got this sudden urge to keep up with him.  Right then, it was the mountain twisties and man it was fun.  Put a smile on my face!
+ Making it to Eugene from Davis on 1 tank of gas! I swear it was on the brink of empty.  When I reached the gas station, it said estimated 1 mile left O_O.
+ Getting to David's apartment at 2:30AM at the tail end of a college drinkfest, and staying up playing video games until 5 o clock! (DIY, Video Games, blog post coming soon)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Tiesto Kaleidoscope Propaganda 11/21/2009 @ the Cow Palace

So, couple days ago, Andy started this Tiesto excitement saying he wanted to go see him play at the Cow Palace next month.  I was pretty reluctant at first, until he gave me the album.  I listened to the whole album and it was all actually really good!  I never skipped one track. But still didn't really wanna go.

But then he showed me the show videos on Youtube.  Most Awesome Visuals I've Ever Seen

1.  Louder than Boom - I love the video game music, and check out that huge screen!

2. Stars!! freakin Stars!! - I definitely wanted to go after this video,  he has a screen in front of him too! the Star effect is amazing

3.  Escape Me - I think this song is great, and the background is awesome

4.  I Am Strong - Featuring Priscilla Ahn, one of my fave singers, Andy's fave track on the album. Have a listen, its a great song.

5.  Feel It In My Bones - Ft Tegan and Sara,  another great song and amazing visuals

A few of us have our tickets already, are you tempted? haha

Tickets on sale at Ruby Skye: $62 ($60 + $2 convenience)

Bought Buzz!!

Yea this was like a week overdue.  but it fits with the birthday theme!  I was hella itching to play this again, so I went and bought it, even though I don't have a PS3.  But whatever, I knew people would love it.  Let's just call it my birthday present to myself.  Thanks to Alex and Henry for their PS3's haha.

Some Crazy games:
+Alex pulls an amazing comeback win in "The Final Countdown" even though he started with only 750 points. (I don't remember it, so I'm just taking his word for it.. still kinda skeptical though)
+Andrew challenges us to a Sports Trivia Game, and who win's by a landslide? Andy.. HAHA

It's a great game, because it has so many categories that everyone's mostly on an even playing field.  And it's also really easy to learn, so everyone gets into it quick.  Whoever hasn't played it yet, you gotta come play soon!

Birthday Pirate Party!!!!

Best. Birthday. Ever.

I'm posting this a little late, because I partied too hard.  The Pirate Party was Saturday, and I still haven't recovered yet!! I'm so nauseous @_@, I don't know why?!  But it was well worth it.  It was definitely the best and funnest birthdays I've had, and the pictures prove it.  (Gary's Photo Album) I swear there were like 20 Pirates strong that showed up at Bootie, and we let ourselves be noticed!  Right when we walked in, the house DJ's Adrian and Mysterious D come up to us looking for the head pirate (me  :D).  They gave us a roll of free drink tickets!! (thats 11x$6).  That definitely got the party rolling.  It's sick to have so many of your close friends down to dress up just for the hell of it.  haha so many people told me that now they feel like we gotta dress up everytime we go out!

Oh Yea! I almost forgot!  we went to eat at Cleo's and we got free birthday cake from the Samoan party next to us! It was like the stars aligned, and we got free stuff wherever we went!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Zombieland and Birthday

yea, was supposed to write about this, but forgot until stef mentioned twinkies :P

The movie was so hilarious and fun, I definitely recommend it. I love how when they go on their Zombie killing rampages, they do everything YOU would want to if you were there or playing a video game. Like when he hops on a roller coaster whilst shooting the crap out of all the zombies around him, I WANNA DO THAT!

I wonder how much more money Hostess is making right now from selling Twinkies and Sno-Balls. Cus that's what we did that night, went to Safeway and bought a pack of 2 sno-balls and 10 twinkies. So that night at midnight was 10/7 my birthday, and I celebrated it with Andy and Gary with Twinkies! it was my "whatever cake" ("See Dan Go"* in chinese), it was delicious haha.

*"See Dan Go" stems from Andy fusing chinese phrases together
"See Dan" means Whatever's OK
"Dan Go" means cake

Monday, October 05, 2009

Love Fest and Bean

Parade:  MUNI mayhem, 100k+ crowds, parade was definitely worth the trip downtown, my fave was the DNB float.  It just gives you so much energy! Too bad I couldn't learn the step in time, Andy rocked it.  Definitely the most penises I've seen in public. 
Afterparty: I thought this was going to be my last Rave, but I change my mind!  I had loads of fun with a lot of my friends, and also with newfound ones!

Spent a lot of time watching drum videos for some reason?  I'm just amazed at how drummers drum so fast! (see Gravity Blast).  Youtube surfing led me to one of my favorite vids, Mr. Bean is genius!

The guy has a Masters in Electrical Engineering?! You're my hero.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Pirate Partay

So in a little more than a week, we're going to Bootie all dressed up as pirates!! Today I hung out with my buddy Angel and we started thinking of how to ghetto-rig a pirate costume without spending much money.  I already bought an eye-patch and hoop earring set from Spirit Halloween store for about 3 bucks, so the rest of the costume was up to us.

We kinda used this image as a guide:

and... Voila!

  1. Large Red Old Navy Shirt - cut up for waist sash and headband (good enough for 3 headbands and 2 sashes!)
  2. Large white cotton dress shirt
  3. Black shortsleeved button shirt (with sleeves rolled up)
  4. Black Pants
  5. Dad's Boots
Total Cost: 2.99 + Tax for the eyepatch and earring :)

Now.. whats missing... mustache?