Monday, October 19, 2009

WTB: Boxing Gloves and Pads

That kid is crazy.  But he's not the main point of this post.  I want a set of gloves and pads! This weekend, I was hanging out at my cousin Dillon's apartment and he shows me his room mate's set of gloves and pads.  Apparently his roomie practices Wing Chun, and taught Dillon how to do some drills.  Man seeing those gloves just brought back fondish memories of when my friends and I boxed in highschool.


Anyways, Dillon had me do some drills of Jab-Hook-Uppercut and it was great! I was really slow and uncoordinated, but punching things just feels good. Definitely a good stress reliever. pop-pop POW pop-pop POW! After 2 sets of drills, I was spent. It's one of the funnest cardio I've done, and now my back and arm muscles are sore. I'm itching to snag a set and do this with my buddies.

Cardio + De-Stress + Muskles! = Let's get it on, DING DING DING!


Cora L. said...

I'm DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!! Dude that kid is going to be a BEAST lol

Steph D. said...

HAHAHA...THOSE ARE CHRIS' GLOVES!!!! He said you messed them up!