Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Zombieland and Birthday

yea, was supposed to write about this, but forgot until stef mentioned twinkies :P

The movie was so hilarious and fun, I definitely recommend it. I love how when they go on their Zombie killing rampages, they do everything YOU would want to if you were there or playing a video game. Like when he hops on a roller coaster whilst shooting the crap out of all the zombies around him, I WANNA DO THAT!

I wonder how much more money Hostess is making right now from selling Twinkies and Sno-Balls. Cus that's what we did that night, went to Safeway and bought a pack of 2 sno-balls and 10 twinkies. So that night at midnight was 10/7 my birthday, and I celebrated it with Andy and Gary with Twinkies! it was my "whatever cake" ("See Dan Go"* in chinese), it was delicious haha.

*"See Dan Go" stems from Andy fusing chinese phrases together
"See Dan" means Whatever's OK
"Dan Go" means cake

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