Saturday, October 17, 2009

Solo Roadtrip to Eugene!

It was pretty fun overall, I really like driving long distances.  It's pretty peaceful and kinda liberating.  All you need is your favorite music, and its a go! I definitely want to do a cross country roadtrip some day.  

1.  Live 105 - Best station in the Bay, started off with IINTERGALACTIC PLANETARYY
2.  Beatles Love Album - road trip singalong, i need to see the Cirque du Soleil Love show
3.  Infected Mushroom - Vicious Delicious
4.  Never have I ever played Never Have I Ever on the phone, until now. thanks Meg! that was a good hour killed.
5.  Across the Universe Soundtrack - More singalongs :)
6.  The Hush Sound - So Sudden, Like Vines, Goodbye Blues - great roadtrip albums!
7.  Tiesto Kaleidoscope
8.  Daft Punk - Alive 2007 - RoooBooot

-Virginia's Veronas, nomnomnom
-Beef Jerky Original (peppered is so much better, or Jamaica Me Crazy!)
-Japanese snack mix, nomnom
-V8 Fusion, water, Mt. Dew 

By The Numbers: 
Minis Spotted: 2 :)
Cops Spotted: 4
Mini to Cop Ratio: 0.5 :(
Max Speed: 95 mph
Avg Speed: 63.8 mph
Miles, Davis to Eugene: 466 Miles
Gas used: ~14.0265 gallons
Fuel Economy: 33.22 mpg  (supposed to be 32 Highway, pretty close)
Rest Stops: 1
Caffeine drinks: 1 (mountain dew)

+ Taking a 3 hour pit stop in Davis and having a bomb ass burrito at Davis Taqueria with Franky. 

+ Playing Never Have I Ever on the phone with a drunk friend haha, it sure helped me fight the deadly burrito food coma.
+ That IS300 (Brian?) after the Oregon Border.  He creeps up behind me really fast and passes me, and I got this sudden urge to keep up with him.  Right then, it was the mountain twisties and man it was fun.  Put a smile on my face!
+ Making it to Eugene from Davis on 1 tank of gas! I swear it was on the brink of empty.  When I reached the gas station, it said estimated 1 mile left O_O.
+ Getting to David's apartment at 2:30AM at the tail end of a college drinkfest, and staying up playing video games until 5 o clock! (DIY, Video Games, blog post coming soon)


Cora L. said...

Madman grinning through the twisties LOL you should have gotten Spicy V8! I'm tellin' ya!

Alex Thunderlips said...

Next time take me with you. I need a break. Did you bring Buzz? If not let me borrow it!

Love (Vegas show) was great but I still think O was the best.

Do you keep those stats on paper as you go? Or by memory?

Chun Lick said...

awesome, DEAL! Henry has the Buzz, go nab it from him. the Mini and Cop stats were from memory. others were from receipts and GPS.

Fishy said...

"O" and "Ka" are the two most popular Cirque du Soleil shows (according to my sister). I want to watch "O" or "Mystere" next! please please please!