Monday, October 12, 2009

Tiesto Kaleidoscope Propaganda 11/21/2009 @ the Cow Palace

So, couple days ago, Andy started this Tiesto excitement saying he wanted to go see him play at the Cow Palace next month.  I was pretty reluctant at first, until he gave me the album.  I listened to the whole album and it was all actually really good!  I never skipped one track. But still didn't really wanna go.

But then he showed me the show videos on Youtube.  Most Awesome Visuals I've Ever Seen

1.  Louder than Boom - I love the video game music, and check out that huge screen!

2. Stars!! freakin Stars!! - I definitely wanted to go after this video,  he has a screen in front of him too! the Star effect is amazing

3.  Escape Me - I think this song is great, and the background is awesome

4.  I Am Strong - Featuring Priscilla Ahn, one of my fave singers, Andy's fave track on the album. Have a listen, its a great song.

5.  Feel It In My Bones - Ft Tegan and Sara,  another great song and amazing visuals

A few of us have our tickets already, are you tempted? haha

Tickets on sale at Ruby Skye: $62 ($60 + $2 convenience)

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