Monday, October 05, 2009

Love Fest and Bean

Parade:  MUNI mayhem, 100k+ crowds, parade was definitely worth the trip downtown, my fave was the DNB float.  It just gives you so much energy! Too bad I couldn't learn the step in time, Andy rocked it.  Definitely the most penises I've seen in public. 
Afterparty: I thought this was going to be my last Rave, but I change my mind!  I had loads of fun with a lot of my friends, and also with newfound ones!

Spent a lot of time watching drum videos for some reason?  I'm just amazed at how drummers drum so fast! (see Gravity Blast).  Youtube surfing led me to one of my favorite vids, Mr. Bean is genius!

The guy has a Masters in Electrical Engineering?! You're my hero.

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Cora L. said...

Yay for old friends and new! I want to go to the parade part next year! Glad you had fun at the rave +)