Friday, October 02, 2009

Pirate Partay

So in a little more than a week, we're going to Bootie all dressed up as pirates!! Today I hung out with my buddy Angel and we started thinking of how to ghetto-rig a pirate costume without spending much money.  I already bought an eye-patch and hoop earring set from Spirit Halloween store for about 3 bucks, so the rest of the costume was up to us.

We kinda used this image as a guide:

and... Voila!

  1. Large Red Old Navy Shirt - cut up for waist sash and headband (good enough for 3 headbands and 2 sashes!)
  2. Large white cotton dress shirt
  3. Black shortsleeved button shirt (with sleeves rolled up)
  4. Black Pants
  5. Dad's Boots
Total Cost: 2.99 + Tax for the eyepatch and earring :)

Now.. whats missing... mustache?


Cora L. said...
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Cora L. said...

oMG, THAT IS AWESOME!!! but you'll be sweating up a storm LOL

Fishy said...

So I said that I couldn't make my own pirate costume. I realized that all I needed was put on my bandanna. Anything looks like a pirate costume with a bandanna on.