Sunday, August 11, 2002

wow today was so cool and fun
I woke up at 1130 and me andrew alex and henry went to go serramonte to meet up with andy. Andy printed out free coke coupons so we all got free 20 oz coke.. and i won another free coke from the bottle cap thing. and then my mom later at night went to safeway and got another coke with the cap and the coke was a winning cap as well.. wow wut a cool thing!

Well after serramonte (non of us got nething except for food and hairdye) we went to andy's house, luckily andy knwe the way back. well during the whole day we been talkin about stuff like whos the best something something so that was interesting and fun. yea at andys house we played monopoly.. but andrew became hella monopoly like fuckin microsoft so we all got tired of it and most of us quit. it was pretty fun the cus me andy and henry were making all these deals with each other to attack andrew. then we played darts too.. it was fun. andy made a super bullseye. andrew and alex made up more questions and it was fun. i played andrew and alex chess and i loss. It was fun cus we found out opinions of each other we had of each other. and no one was really poked fun at cus we poke fun at everyone. so fun day. oh yea at sport mart there was this aero walk thing machine where ur on these ski like things and u try to walk but the ones that tried it fell off and it was funny.

oh yea and andrew and alex started gambling with tony and leeme. I only played one game of '35' but i lost a dolla.

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