Thursday, January 16, 2003

YES finals are over, i feel very stress free. after school i went with bobo and henry to play pingpong. it was pretty fun except there was this weird jewish kid wearing me and henry's elementary school t-shirt and he kept on jumping around calling us elmo, double elmo, super elmo, cookie monster, big bird, gg, and albert got him to say BJ alot. har. Then we went to Americana GRilll and ate ABC burgers. no, not american born chinese, avocado bacon cheese! yea we orderd bacon cheese burgers but i ugess they heard wrong, so there goes an extra $1.46 for avocado. albert didnt like it so i ate it for him yum

i havent eaten much good satisfying beefy meaty food since i got brace so it was very comforting. ooh and ive been essersising lately too. ab slide things, pushups, bicep curls, tricep things, and stretches. pretty good. i realized that when im on the comp, i dont do anything and hours and hours passed, so i started to do mad workouts. maybe i can get rip'd and try some breakdance freezes.

well after i walked home from the restaurant, i collapsed and fell asleep, i needed it. then i went into my computer room and saw the huge mess so i started sorting paper. when i was done, i had a fat ass 6 inch stack of papers that must of weighed like 5 pounds. i went through it and saw that it was my work since 9th grade. man it seems like a blur from when i first got to highschool, i barely remember anything. i guess its cus there was no signficance between the years. same old same old. but it was interesting seeing my geometry tests, one A and many F's and D's and C's. so bad. well there is still a lotta crap lying around but ill do it next time. ill make the whole house clean! i swear! O! and there was some computer programming tests, haha that was the stuff, i was trying to be 1337 but i ended up with a B, tat shit is hella hard. I remember when I was in 8th grade, i wanted to be a programmer of some sort, now i will not touch computers as a career. its so hard and dull. I remember the past couple years ive been kinda depressed cus i didnt have much close relationships with girls, but now its coo it dont matter much cus i havent put much effort in meeting ppl. juss stay at home and play CS a lot. so its my fault. yea rite now i do like some girls, but only mostly because of their looks, i dont noe if my feelings are real. i dont noe nemore. its confuse like wo.

oooh next semester is approaching, SAT's SATIIs, ooh the agony. and i got CVE marketing, i think i will get a job so that i can look good with my crisp bills. I sure as hell wont be playing CS on the weekdays. ya next semester will be my chance to shine like a nickel. no more lazing, more producing and more esserssissing. yea i dont wanna spend my weekends on the computer anymore. my weekends have become wastes of time. I would wake up at 12 or so, then go on the comp for the majority of the day. wut a l0ser. I gotta set a good example as a brother too. my brother has been picking up on my lazyness and oohhh it has not been a good effect on my family. see he has tantrums and he has become attached to the computer. he does his hw late at night and it takes him 3 hours to do it cus of distractions. once i clean this house, itll be super good academic atmosphere (got this from derricks experience in the dreadful library). you will hear the electricity running throught the lights!!! oh yea next semester physics, im gonna at least read the book so i can follow wuts going on. yea adn my brother talks back alot and gets my dad angry and he yells at my mom for not teaching him correctly. yesterday my dad lectured me on playing games, telling me stories of kids that play too much that lose functionality of their brains, or die. i guess it is partly true but exaggerated, cus the computer does make me think slower but i dont htink you can die from it, unless ur really weak or are a marathon gamer. so he told me to set a good example for my brother and cut down our computer usage. wow wut a long post, cus i havent been updating alot.

no more words

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