Tuesday, December 03, 2002

yay, i dont have to turn in math hw tmw....
now i can focus on my term paper..
today after school I went with my mom to the main library to get more research books. She had like 7-10 teeth pulled out because they were bad, its kinda funny because her upper lip is jutting out like a character on Simpsons. So I kinda joked around with her with that, I'd say i have a pretty cool mom, good sense of humor and shes nice.
the research books will help me fill in the 7 pages i need, yes! I hope I can type fluidly so I can sleep maybe at 1. but i tend to get distracted, its hard for me to get a kick in the right direction for big projects.
haha when I came out of the library, I saw two homeless yelling at each other. I think its very interesting watching homeless yell at each other, dont u? well there was one homeless sitting near City hall on a stone slab, and this other homeless called him butthead. I couldnt hear the guy sitting down, but the other guy was RUTHLESS. haha he kept on saying f--k you u f--ker, ur sittin on my turf!, this is MY turf, you better back down!! mother f--ker. haha then he walked away a couple of feet then charged back at the other guy and yelled at him somemore. Too bad I had to leave, I dont noe what happened afterwards. THe quiet guy seemed like a newbie homeless, but the ruthless guy semmed like a veteran.
Oh yea, the sunset behind City Hall looked hella nice, i wanted to take a picture like this but i dint bring my camera. The clouds had a purplish tint, and it matched the flourescent lights in the windows of City Hall. and the trees in front of City Hall were lit with christmas lights. man wut a bummer. Time to work

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