Sunday, June 02, 2002

man i had a weird dream... it dont make sense. neways the only part i remember is i went with some ppl to tacobell/kfc near our school (we dont have one near our school) i remember lawrence and henry there. and they were eating some nasty shit from school beanery and i went to get a grilled stuft burrito from taco bell but the service was bad and i was 20 minutes late to school but i still waited and then they gave it to me and it was hella nasty looking and then i woke up.

i went to rehearse a chinese skit and partner house.. she have damn nice house but no dsl. i start study for my geo test at 10 o clock.. oh yea brian sent me a video thing showing a russian get his head cut off.. ahH!!! whoa that stuff is real mind strainer. i didnt noe wut to feel. but o well i have to study. and . after tomoroow i will relax ( lax again) because woohoo summer !!!!!. oh yea i put a guestbook for my fans to type in yes/

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