Saturday, June 08, 2002

yea... i got my english final and i got a c+/b-...i got a B in that class tho, that made me happy.... but the teacher wrote "Chunlick, Many ESL errors spoil your sequel. Read this summer to improve vocabulary and syntax".... man i suck now... im doing hella bad in math and english... this is gona screw me up... i needa stop being lazy man... yea so i have to read this summer... does ne one have ne suggestions?? ne great books u have read?? please im me if u do .... thank

i saw star wars 2 today and the second part of the godfather.. wow i see so many movies... den i went home to find my dsl down..>[ rahH!!! it was like that untill 11 something today man this suckearawowifeoafij but now it is good.. tmw i have SAT english class. yay

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