Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Girl Walks Into a Bar

Yesterday night, I had mad insomnia from thinking about my recent job interview.  I've been trying to temper my expectations so that I can keep my sanity through these 'couple weeks'.  When someone asks about it, my mind gets giddy again and goes bonkers!  Don't worry guys, I will definitely let ya'll know when I get the news :)

I was so energetic at 2AM that I decided to watch that free Youtube flick: Girl Walks Into a Bar.  I never really had any intention of watching it, but I am glad I did.  The trailer didn't give away much, and that's how I like it.  I watched the 10 clips version, and after every clip I wanted more.  Just like reading a book.

It was entertaining dialogue, good acting, but I couldn't get over how ravishing* the 39 year old lead actress Carla Gugina was!  Did I mention she was 39?  Ok, it was more of her 'tude that caught my attention, but you can't say she's not a looker.  Same with Rosario Dawson.  At first glance, I didn't think she was that pretty.  But the way she talks, oozing with charisma is what gets ya.

Check out her swagga freestyling with Youtuber Destorm:
(dont be intimidated by the 9 minutes, when you click play it'll jump to the right part)

Damn, I think I got a crush on Rosario Dawson

*I always hesitate when using 'ravishing' because it sounds like ravaging, and I've heard people use ravenous before haha.  So I googled it: (Sourced:

"Which brings us to “ravish": meaning to rape, or rob violently" Wait, what? did I use it wrong?

"To confuse matters, people began back in the fourteenth century to speak metaphorically of their souls being “ravished” by intense spiritual or esthetic experiences. Thus we speak of a “ravishing woman” (the term is rarely applied to men) today not because she literally rapes men who look at her but because her devastating beauty penetrates their hearts in an almost violent fashion." Haha, the bold part cracked me up.  But phewf, ravishing's the right word.

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