Friday, March 18, 2005


for you
im sorry hungry, for zoning out.. i dont noe why i do that, computers are evil! i will try not to use computers that much.. except for webcamming! yuh! i think im a much better phone person if i just sit somewhere..

i don't like staying here for so long, it dulls me.. but its also finals week.. so that may explain the dulling.. its coo that i have a cool roomie but a lot of times i have a feeling i want to be home. i just like the feeling of my house. u noe u been there all ur life. sometimes you just sit down and think of all the things that went on there. seriously. its really soothing. I dont think i can ever part with my home. i hope we dont have to sell it or anything. well not never, just it would be hard ya noe.

and more importantly i miss spending time with angel.. on the weeks that im at school thats what i look forward to at the end of the week.. it kind of gets me through the week, u noe work hard during the week so i can the most time i can with her, THAT is happiness :D

i would like to thank my parents and my family for giving me all that i got. no matter what i do, they got my back. thats a great feeling.

heh wuts with all this deepness? iono just stuff i think about hah

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