Thursday, April 21, 2005

caL75x: blog bitch

caL75x: blog bitch
iCH adWi c kEdi: lol wth i blogged frequent enough
iCH adWi c kEdi: im working on my fizzix
caL75x: bitch go blog
caL75x: dont talk back to me

whoa whoa whoa now.. friends since like 4/5th grade and this is how he treats me? what is this, a fad to force me to blog and refer to me as their bitch? crazy! maybe because I am not mean enough, but if i become meaner i wont be pushed around like this!

I am eating my late night cereal! yay!

@*#*#@##@*&@$ YOU WILL DIE BIZZNITCH!!


what now!! whahah
k i have to study for physics quiz

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Henry Tran said...

that is a frightening pic