Thursday, May 01, 2008

MINI Production Update #1

Holy crap, I just found out from my dealership that my MINI is being built as of right now! Man I was worrying for the past few days that it would be delayed until the next batch of production and that would lead to the car shipping after i leave for Asia! That would be messed up! So I got my VIN and production number today and went to the MINI Owners Lounge:

Using the North American Motoring Forum Sticky : How to Track your MINI. I called in to hear specifics. Supposedly the car will be complete on May 7th! RAD

I also found out today, that my auto loan application at Pentagon Federal ( was denied! That's because I don't really have a job yet ahah so i have insufficient income. So today I reapplied with a consigner. Hopefully it goes through! Oh yea, if any of you are buying a car anytime soon you should check out Pentagon Federal Credit Union. They used to only serve military personnel a couple years back. But now you can become a member by donating 20 dollars to the military and keeping 5 dollar in their savings account. And why would you want to do this? 4.25% financing on new autos. The lowest in the nation! for now.... so wish me luck, I hope I get approved.

For now, I am eating a [toast, Ham, Tuna, Cheese, Egg, mustard, toast] sandwich thanks to Vince for his high quality bread.

In conclusion: mark your calendars for May 7th, Chadillac Jr. is about to be born

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