Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kids say the darndest things

When I got back to Portland, my little cousin runs out to greet me.  It looked like she was excited to see me woohoo.

Me: Hey Salina! (high five) You miss me?
S: iono
Me: ..oh

Then she follows me into the house.  I ask her what she wants to do, watch a movie, eat something.  She's like nah...I'm just bored.  She starts looking around the house, walking around.  After a couple minutes she goes: "can I do your dishes?" and she really starts washing my dishes.  hahahah she's so funny.   and yes, I'm a slob.

Today, I was at the post office to get a money order for my speeding ticket when this woman walks in with her 5-6 year old daughter.  Behind them was what I thought was the grandma, but she was just another friendly stranger.

Daughter: "mama, i'm thirssty, can we get something to drink?"
Mama: "well we in the wrong place, they aint got water at the post office"
Grandperson: "Well, do you have any water in the car?"
Daughter: "We don't have one! We're poor walking people!"  (O_O haha, i was shocked and laughing at the same time)


Fishy said...

Sometimes, parents say the darnest things too.

Cora L. said...

Poor walking people. LOL wtf that's so random.