Monday, October 25, 2010

Fear the Machine

Hey will ya look at that, my blog is already Orange.  haha, I am by no means a baseball fan, but I've been watching the ends of some of the SF-Philly games, just for fun.  I used to follow the Giants when I was a kid (like 5-12 years old?), trading cards, following stats, all that good stuff.  But I just lost interest.  Playoffs starting in the 7th inning is fun to watch though!

Brian Wilson.  Hell of a character.  I never knew, but this last game when the Giant's beat the Phillies was when I learned all about the Giant's closer Brian Wilson.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you:

 The Beard
The Same Guy as above

All this time I thought BW was some 40 year old dude looking like a lumberjack.  But no, he's a 28 year old bro.  haha when they showed his shaved pic on TV, I couldn't believe it and just busted up laughing.  It doesn't stop there, he's a hell of a character:

When I was watching the postgame interview, he talks about "The Machine" and I just had to find out:

hahaha man that's awesome. This guy is ridiculous and entertaining as hell.

More machine  :) Don't worry, the video starts at 7:16 on its own, i'm not making you watch 8 minutes.

GO SF Briants!

10/28 Edit:
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