Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Volunteer 6

hey guys

Well, today was a work day, and it was grammar again. I wasn't sure how to explain how to change verb tenses from present to past, because there aren't scertain rules for a lot of words. they just are. Instead of just talking to the Asian kids, I helped those in need. There was a European kid i think he was german and he had a lot of trouble with is worksheet. He did not know a lot of the words off the top of his head. But we worked through it and he finished at the end.

I noticed that two of hte korean boys always finish their work very quickly, Justin and Kevin. It almost seems as if they don't need to be there. kevin always busts out his tetris in his electro dictionary. and justin alway sits there or puts his head down and rests. I guess for some immigrant kids it comes easy. The south American kid is very proactive and talkative and also finishes his work pretty early too. It seems as if he wants to lead the class all of the time.

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