Monday, May 02, 2005

Volunteer Journal #4

I've noticed that there are certain kids who are very outspoken, and those who barely speak. The 2 South American students, Sergio and Louise are the loudest of the class. Out of the Korean boys, Kevin speaks out as well, but he has no noticeable accent and he speaks fluidly. Justin and Jake make effort to answer questions from time to time, but either stumble on words or is very quiet. Young doesn't speak at all. I have never heard the Korean girls speak up. There is an African girl that participates but speaks softly and has a heavy accent. There are 2 European boys who don't speak much also due to a heavy accent.

This shows that immigrated children are reluctant to speak up because they are uneasy about how they sound or what they say. I hope that this program will help them with this problem.

Today, we listened to this hilarious rap about the Greek gods. it was hilarious. The guy sounded like a middle aged man and he was trying to rap. hahah funny how they try to reach kids by rapping. too bad i cant find it online.

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