Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fight Night: The Crack 12/2X/2009

The Crack.  It decides life or death, devastation or glory.  To me, it conjures memories of the utmost fear.  Fear that you've taken your least breath.  Fear that you may never see anything other than bedsheets smothering your face.  It's the closest to death that I've ever come to. 

Haha this is another one of my Goals posts, and the thing that drives this goal is pretty much pride.  You see, my cousin and I have been wrestling since before we learned how to walk

haha my head is HUGE, oh... how I used to push him around

poke poke

But for some reason, for the last year or two, Dillon has become much more powerful than me.  I mean, suree.. maybe he's always been stronger and more athletic, but now It's not even a contest anymore.  Maybe its from the subconscious pent up rage from when we were kids...

This time around, our wrestling came about because of a practical joke.  As in I personally RickRolled the fool on his voicemail mwahahahha.  He was so slighted that he threatened to put me into The Crack.  Now with us, issuing a challenge like that is no laughing matter, it's the threat that ends all threats.  So I did not take it lightly, I said.. bring it on!!!


What followed was him methodically placing each of my limbs in to this so called "The Crack".  Sure I had him in a headlock or two, but there was not one moment where I had a remote chance of escaping certain death.  Now this crack is so tight, that it slightly compresses your ribcage as you fall through.  You can't take full breaths, because there's not enough space for your lungs (yeeesh!).  The emotions I went through were: cockiness (i was taunting him), sudden fear (as i neared The Crack), sheer panic (when i lost 1 arm to the fateful fissure), reflection on my life (as I fell through), and finally humilidepression.  Thats right, humilidepression.

I had it so bad, I started making excuses (Stage 1: denial) about how he's 15 pounds heavier than me (ok maybe more like 10).  So naturally I challenge him to this rematch.  Come Christmas break, we will meet again at The Crack to find out who really cherishes life more.  For now, we'll both be training rigorously so that we can both be at the best shape of our lives.  Target Weight? 160lbs.

Here's my initial workout plan!:

I've tried these but never finished it, but now I'm running on a different fuel.  What kind of fuel is this? That's right Leonides, Glory!!


huangd87 said...

HAHAHHAHA Well said, Come Winter Break/ X-Mas I will be ready. FOR GLORY!

Fishy said...

I like how you chose the kid picture where you're pummeling him :P

May the best man win.

Cora L. said...

omg, you had a huge dome LOL

Anonymous said...