Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Goal: 2 Songs to Learn

Once in a while I get inspired to learn a song. Actually it happens a lot, but I rarely follow it through, so I'm gonna make these my goal so I actually do it.

1st song!: Flight of the Bumblebee

This is a great violin piece, and I wanna learn it. Who cares if its insanely hard, who cares if it'll take me years, I needa learn it! Here's world record holder David Garett playing it:

Heres some reasons I wanna do it:
1. I've lost my finger speed, and want to get it back
2. I have horrible spiccato, and this is pretty much all spiccato. (Wiltron needs to work on his spiccato too!)
3. It's short!

2nd Song: Piano Man
Okay, I may be cheating cus I've started learning this maybe a month or 2 ago, but I haven't learned it all yet. I got inspired by Andy to play this song, and I was like hey! why dont I learn the piano, and you learn the harmonica part! Dude learns it in like 2 hours. He's still waiting on me (yeeeesh).. maybe ill have it by christmas? haha

Billy Joel Ladies and Gentlemen (don't mind the mustache):

I'm maybe 70% done agghh. I always learn about that much of piano songs cus they make the endings so damn hard. I'm a pianoob.

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