Monday, April 19, 2010

Goals in Brief

It's been awhile! Half because of all these goals.  I gotta learn how to pace myself.  I was tackling them down full speed the first week, and I got burnt out.  The other half is Call of Duty again, I starting using the sniper rifle and I got unhealthily hooked. 

Here's my first installment of Goals in Briefs:

1.  Cantonese/Mandarin Fluency:  My mom was so excited that I was doing this that she bought me this!  The 跑跑高 E-900.  Thanks mom! This gives me extra motivation to keep up with this goal.  The writing translator function is what I really need.  I've been reading, writing (typing), watching, and speaking Chinese almost everyday now.  My uncle helped me hook up the Direct TV and I now have TVB! Haha, I never had that stuff as a kid, so now I'm catching up.  I will 加油 and 努力进步。 

2.  Juggling:  I was thinking first that I'll be able to scratch this one off my list first, but the balls aren't falling my way.  So hard! So far the best I've done was 5 catches.  3 pairs of socks are no longer in my wearing circulation :P

3.  Violin:  Working on Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto all 3 movements.  I've been off and on playing this for yeaaars now and I'm going to buckle down and learn it!  Problem is, with all these goals, I'm finding less and less time to practice.  Or maybe it's the video games.  damn video games.

4.  Free Throws:  I'm seeing big improvements in this.  I'm actually expanding this to basketball in general.  My free throw drill right now is to make 5 in a row before I can leave.  Haha, the first time I tried it, I started at 8PM and didn't leave till it was 8:40PM and it was almost pitch black.  So many 4 in a rows!!!  and then I cracked under pressure.  I felt like one of those kids in those movies who has a dream of being in the NBA.  The only thing is I'm 23, not 12.  I shot again today,  and it only took me 5 minutes to get 5 in a row.  woohoo .

5.  Write Left-Handed:  This one's kind of fun!  I was talking to Angel and she said she wants to learn too, so we're now Left hand Pen Pals.  It's pretty ghetto how we do it.  It's a form of snailmail and E-mail.  or... E-Snail?   chicken scratch on paper, take a pic, and send through email.  Anyone else want to be left hand pen pals with me?

6.  Pullups:  meh, i'll get around to this soon.  Doing pushups with Kenneth for now.

7.  Swimming:  Last week I swam 1/2 mile.  I was so determined going in, and when I came out I almost passed out haha.  It was 18 laps and my leg cramped the last 3 laps.  I think I'll be able to do a mile soon, but my main problem is I'm helllla slow.  I shared a lane with this overweight dude thinking, meh no pressure, nice and easy.  The dude was passing me every other lap! man the guy was blazing and he didn't look like he was trying!  damn.  I found out from this cat that I was kicking all wrong.  I was bending my knees and now that I'm relearning how to swim with my legs completely straight, I get tired in one lap.  Bummer. 

8.  Reading:  I picked up some books at the local library!
  • Catch-22: Read the 1st 2 chapters and it's ironic as hell.  Nice!  I'm liking it so far
  • The Art of War by Sun Tzu:  Heard good things about it concerning strategy.  Recommended reading for managers and business peoples, something that I'm not very keen in.  Interesting, but kind of textbooky.
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad: college roommate told me about it.  Read the intro, sounds pretty interesting.  I think I'll like it because it's about money but is also written so that I won't fall asleep.
  • Freakonomics:  (on the cover) "a rogue economist explores the hidden side of everything" and with chapters such as: What Do Schoolteachers and Sumo Wrestlers have in common? and Why do Drug Dealers Still Live with their Moms?  heh Haven't gotten to this one yet.  But looks promising!

Yea this post is pretty long, but I gotta do it so that I stick to my goals.



Cora L. said...


But when will you have time for Jamba Juice??? LOL

Seriously though, your dedication is motivating. Keep up the good work, and keep us posted!

D42 said...

Man, I practiced every day for a month this past summer on shooting and I did the same free throw stipulation thing to determine when I could leave. I remember I only had to make 3 in a row and then a right-handed lay-up, then a left-handed lay-up. There was one night where I swear I shot over 100 free throws because I couldn't make 3 in a row (free throws have never been a strong-point in my game). I ended up being there for like 2 hours, a whole hour solely on free throws... and it was really dark.

Kudos for doing push-ups with Kenneth. Level 2: Daniel.

My friend is ambidextrous. It was cool. He started writing left-handed and I was like, "You're left-handed?" He replied, "No, it's just easier this way because you're on my right side." So smooth. I was very impressed.

Fishy said...

Jai yo!

Alex Thunderlips said...

Free throw challenge when you're back. I think I'm still a consistent 63-65%. That's not impressive if you're talking about professional players but not bad for a useless tall (and now fat) guy like me.

Chun Lick said...

Cora: thanks! your comment motivates me, so it's like a never ending cycle of motivation

David: your hard work has paid off, I remember when you was draining them 3's over Jason that one time. Unbelievable.

Fishy: it's jia yo! how many times do i have to tell you!

Alex: bring it on, make it rain. I'm gonna bring the pain

Anonymous said...

isn't it jia you in pinyin?

yeah thats right, i went there

Fishy said...

Damn, I know I should've went with my first instinct!

huangd87 said...

I thought I felt the heat, felt my thinger twitch, Keep Rolling One time keep it Rolling