Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Actually, I am the Champion, not you.  'Cus I won my 2010 NBA Fantasy League!!!  Before I signed up for this league, I always thought, "what's so fun about fantasy sports? sounds hella boring".  But it was one hell of a nail biter because I won by the smallest margin ever.  Here was the scenario:

  • I had one player (David Lee) left to play on Sunday afternoon. 
  • My opponent was beating me all week and the score was 4-5. 
  • I needed David Lee to get either 10 rebounds or 3 blocks to make the score 4-4-1 and tie up the Finals. 
  • I yelled, "C'mon David Lee!! Do Your Thang!!" and the man produced.  
  • He got 10 rebounds exactly. 
  • With the score tied up, I win by default because I had a higher season record (Seed 1 baby!) phewf!

No time for losers cus we are the champions of the World!

My Final Roster:
1.  Stephen Curry (MIP) - I took a gamble picking him up and I'm glad I held on to him all season.  A lot of people were iffy about this choice, but he blew up mid-season.  And now his turnovers have gone down too! 
2.  Kobe Bryant
3.  Andrew Bogut (MVP) - This guy was ridiculously good all season.  and he kept me alive in the playoffs until the very end; the unfortunate freak injury.  (Not for the faint of heart).  Hope you get better soon! He's a great player and hilarious too.  I am a fan!
4.  Rashard Lewis
5.  David Lee (MVP#2) - Thanks David (Huang) for the tip.  Double Double beast!
6.  Andrea Bargnani
7.  Rajon Rondo
8.  Richard Jefferson
9.  Channing Frye
10.  Jason Terry
11.  Paul Pierce
12.  Reggie Williams
13.  Anthony Tolliver

Honorable Mentions (dropped due to Injuries)
1.  Kelenna Azuibuke
2.  Andrew Bynum - It was a huge hit when he got injured.  Big reason why I was hurting on blocks and rebounds.  Alex warned me he was injury prone from the beginning, so it's a wonder he lasted as long as he did.
3.  Richard Hamilton

Dishonorable Mentions (bad choices)
1.  Andris Biedrins - what happened to yoU!? lowest free-throw percentage evar!
2.  Allen Iverson - Injuries Injuries Injuries
3.  Tracy McGrady - Injuries Injuries Injuries

Looking Back
In the beginning of the season I was completely lost at sea with this.  Sure I watch basketball from time to time, but I didn't know 90% of the players out there.  It was a lot of fun keeping track of my players every week (probably 'cus I was winning haha).  My lessons learned are:

1. Don't go after aging All-Stars with a history of injuries no matter how big the name.
2. When there's news of an injuriy, look at who'll start in place of them.

I would like to thank:

1. Dillon for giving me tips on most of my draft
2. Beginner's Luck (most of my star players stayed healthy)
3. My love for statistics?? 

Hahaha oh Andrew Bogut Funny Guy.  I understand if you blazed through this post, but please at least watch this video!


Tiana said...

haha that was the best thing ever. all he needed to do was add a little bootie shakin'

Fishy said...

Andrew Bogut is awesome!

Cora L. said...

OMg... I know nothing about your fantasy league thing.. but one thing I DO know is that Biedrins never, EVER makes his free throws. LOL gotta love the Warriors huh?