Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Modern Day Gandhi?

I talked about the nice sunshine fun half of Saturday, but later on that night things took a turn for the crazy.  I went out with my cousin (let's call him GS) and his friends for some drinks and dancing at a local college bar and it started out like a normal night.  When we leave the place, we're all in great moods just joking and laughing in the streets.  All of a sudden some husky fellar comes over and kicks GS in the behind.  I'm laughing thinking this guy knows GS.  Then the husky fellar starts mouthing off:

"Get the F out of our corner! You're embarassing our house!"  (oh.. it's some douche frat kid)
"I'm in a bad mood today! F off!"

We are all totally confused, this guy was totally looking for a fight so we all start walking away from his crazy ass.  Then from the corner of my eye I see him walk up to GS and straight up punches him.  This couldn't be happening.  I wasn't even sure if GS got punched, because GS was standing there apologizing and reasoning with the guy trying to calm him down.  So I walk toward them to see what was going on.  Out of no where the frat guy punches GS right in the face again.  oh hell no,  something snaps in my drunken state and i go up and shove the guy to get him away from my cousin.  The crazy thing is that GS was completely unfazed by this punch and was still trying to reason with the guy.  When we got back to their apartment we found out that one of GS's friends got punched too.  This was ridiculous.  Who the hell would do this to people who showed no signs of animosity?  We were all outraged and thoughts of vengeance flashed through our minds.  But GS told us to stop, and not to blame the frat guys.  He said that the guy was probably just having a rough day, and was drunk. 

I looked at him and I saw that he was completely sincere.   I stopped my vengeful thoughts and realized that I really respected what he did or didn't do.  I was proud that he took the high road and didn't retaliate against that fool.  I don't know if I could have let it go like that.  We were joking that he was like our Gandhi haha. Before this incident, I always saw GS as the strongest and toughest in our family.  Meaning that if it came down to it mano-a-mano he'd be capable of ending some one.   I remember me and my other cousin GC were thinking that it would be freaking awesome if we got to witness someone getting destroyed by GS.  But we (including GS) found out that it wasn't his personality to resort to violence.  Even though some jerk kicked him, and sucker punched him in the face twice.  He stood tall.  He didn't flinch.  He didn't waver.  He just looked the guy in the eye and taught him a thing or two about humanity.  I really see GS as one of my role models for doing this. 

Unfortunately GS just found out from the doctors that his jaw is broken, requiring surgery to re-align.  Right now only two teeth make contact when he bites down, and if nothing was done his jaw would stay like that.  It's so unfair how GS has to go through this.  It's ridiculous.  That frat fool was probably so drunk he wouldn't remember what happened.  But now GS has to have surgery even though he did the right thing.  I hope everything works out so that those responsible would pay for the medical bills. 


Cora L. said...

Okay, I commend GS for taking the high road (and I definitely would not have been so composed) but I do think that now that there is damage, something needs to be reported or worked out.

It just isn't fair, to be the bigger person AND have to deal with the repercussions while the offender gets off scot-free?? NO WAY!!!!

Fishy said...

I agree with Cora! I was thinking another high road would have been not fighting back but also calling the cops, because the guy was obviously not backing down.

Because the frat guy can't go around thinking he can just do that to everybody and get away with it.