Monday, June 21, 2010

Chadillac the 2nd year.

June 20th! Two years ago I picked up my beloved people mover from the dealership.  I still remember it vividly, hands at the wheel in the showroom.  I was scared to death, because I had to drive through the narrow-ass showroom door.  It was just there taunting me, being extra narrow, impossibly slim.  "You can't get through me!" "You barely know how to drive stick!" "You're gonna scrape your paint the 1st 5 minutes you own this car".  The dealer hands me the keyfob and mutters something like, "Turbo eh? I know how you kids are like with these cars, just be careful out there".  I chuckle and smirk at his snide comment, thinking "kid? f-ing asshole, i'm a college grad".  Then I looked back at the narrow path to freedom. With sweaty palms and a racing heart I slowly creep out into the sunlight.  YES! FREEDOM!! VROOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM (displaying my middle finger through the sunroof in full fury)

Okay okay,  that last sentence was made up, but that woulda been sweet. 

2 Years by the Numbers
  • Miles Vroomed:  24,304 mi. 
  • Fastest Vroomed: ~112 mph? (on the track! I only go 65 mph on freeways, officer, i swear.)
  • Gas Consumed: 803.304 gal. 
  • Longest Tank: 462 mi. 
  • Best/Worst/Avg mpg : 33.98/22.45/28.99 mpg  (compare to 32/26/29 EPA estimate, the average is dead on!)
  • Total Gas Cost: $2452.51
Just for kicks, the price of gas over 2 years.  That spike is filling up at the track with ultra high octane gas. Can you believe gas was under 2 bucks?

Battlescars - I'm way past the honeymoon period, no more worrying about that 1st scratch.
  1. Windshield crack - still lazy to fix, someday
  2. Various Rear bumper parking nicks
  3. Large but unnoticeable recession in the back right corner from a basketball.  
Is it weird to have a car birthday? I don't think so, I love my car and I'm planning to keep him for many years.  The thing is, I still haven't found the right name yet.  Toyed around with Mickey (the boy Minnie, get it?) one afternoon, but it was quickly shotdown by sundown.  For now, keep on truckin Chadillac the 2nd.
    Still giving thrills, holla. 


    Henry Tran said...


    Fishy said...

    I think the Mini's name IS "The Mini."

    Cora L. said...

    I think your mini should be named Minnie. LOL

    And I think your car has a fabulous birthday ;]

    D42 said...

    Sorry about the large "unnoticeable" recession...