Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Motivation by Humiliation

So I was just kickin' it with my cousin Dylan one day, you know driving around having the same old "let's get back into shape" conversation we've had many, many times before.  The main problem with trying to get into shape is staying motivated.  Last time we scheduled a fight against each other as motivation.  This time, we're going another route.  Instead of our pride on the line, it's humiliation.

Deadline: August 1, 2010

His goal: Lose weight
How much? ~ 8 lbs.  He has to weigh 160.7lbs or less during weigh-in, wearing nothing but boxers. 
What's on the line?:  If he weighs 160.8lbs or more, he's going to have to shave one leg and leave the other leg unshaven for 1 month.  Doesn't sound humiliating right? Well his reasoning is that, he plays basketball almost everyday, and he'll definitely get heckled on the courts looking like this:
yes he's that hairy.

My Goal: Perform 60 clean, steady paced pushups (not pounding them like a jackhammer).  Perform 15 clean pullups with no jerking or swinging. 
How Much?: 60 Pushups, 15 Pullups
What's on the line?: haha i feel like the sucker of this deal.  If I can't reach my goal by August, *sigh*.  I will have to shave half of each of my eyebrows.  That's right.  But what's motivation without extreme humiliation right??  K, readers: in case of my failure please choose my fate

So.... which one will get the ladies? 

hahaha oh man. I feel like working out now. SO BAD


Fishy said...

GEEEEZ! You totally got the worse end of the deal but I pray for the both of you that you both fulfill your end of the bargain.

p.s. - Your photoshop skills got a lot better. Your half eyebrows look pretty legit.

huangd87 said...

I think my end is harder, do you know how hard I have to work to get down to 160? Do you not see how much I eat? It's too late to diet so it's just purely cardio and crunches from here on out.

GS said...

Choose the first one where you look like a Nintendo character!

And both of your guys' goals have been achieved already... by me! MWUAHAHAHAHA!!!

Dillon has the better bargain because he has Rajon Rondo-style calve sleeves to cover it up and his legs aren't that hairy.

Tips for you two:

Dillon: wire your teeth shut for 2 weeks, thus forcing you into a liquid diet. Yep, it works.

Chadwick: play WiiFit and decide to do the push-up challenge one morning with Wilton sleeping next to you on someone else's WiiFit character.

Cora L. said...

Good God. Well, I wish you all the best Chaddy! And in case it comes down to which way to shave the brows, I'd say the second one (right side picture) looks less ridiculous.


Fishy said...

What if your left eyebrow is the first picture and the second eyebrow is the second picture? :)