Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Camping and Casino Weekend

Who likes lists? I do.  I present to you, the highlights of my trip:

  1. Dill and I hitched a ride with Andy and Lisa, but the car had no MP3 capabilities! What did we do? we serenaded the lovely couple with the roadtrip classics.  You've Lost That Loving Feeling, Baby On Board, Still of the Night, Copa Cabana (wish you could join us Henry).  It was fun and funny as hell, to hell with ipods.
  2. Deciding to make a campfire without matches or lighters was very educational.  I learned some nifty techniques from Andy who took a wilderness survival class recently.  But most importantly, I learned to always bring matches with you cus if you had to build a fire from scratch you're SOL.
  3. Finding out somebody was no longer in the tent.  and in his place was a puddle of puke.  I almost died laughing from the absurdness of the sight.  I'm sorry, that was probably one of the roughest night of his life... but i couldn't stop laughing. 
  4. Prime Rib & Crab buffet at the local buffet.  'nuff sed.
  5. Playing roulette for over an hour and only losing 40 bucks.  That's probably the best gambling session I've had in a casino and I'm not being sarcastic. Anyways the lady next to us who was going to "teach us how to play"  kept on shelling out hundreds.  She probably lost over a grand of her rich husband's treasure that night. 
  6. Serenading Doug with You've Lost that Loving Feeling, Top Gun style way past the campsite's quiet hours. 
  7. Watching Doug re-enact the Warriors scene waaaaay past quiet hours.  HAHA


Unknown said...

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Cora L. said...

What a creepy scene, the girl looked masculine and the guy looked feminine.

Henry Tran said...

Way too many posts since you had last mentioned my name. Just saying.

Music and passion were always the fashion!