Monday, July 12, 2010

Retro in the Metro: Home 4 July 4

3 days is not enough! I had a great time at home last weekend for Independence Day weekend. It's always good to be bask in the fog and see everyone (although I missed a few).

Friday Fireworks (and the incident)
T picked me up (thaaaaanks) from the airport to go straight to the Alameda County Fair.  We mucked (is that a word?) around with all the farm animals and it was pretty fun.  I believe I got urinated on by Babe, and shorts chewed up by a goat, but I got the last laugh because I've been eating bacon and lamb chops like crazy!! haha maybe not like crazy..  but we tried our first chocolate covered bacon! Sounds disgusting? It's actually pretty damned good, very bacon-maple bar like but too much of a good thing will make you kinda nauseous.  She kinda liked the chocolate more, and I kinda liked the bacon more.. so we ended up eating them separately haha.

Mmm... .delicious

beautiful shot! credits to T for the excellent iPhone-tography

The Iincident all started when I saw a dude carrying a Brian PBJ Time doll.  and I had to have one!  We saw this dart throwing game with the Brian PBJ and I walked right up.

Carnie: "First throw's free!"
I throw, and pop one
Carnie: "Keep on going and you win a prize!"
I throw, and pop one.  Throw and pop another."

Carnie: "read the sign, whats 5 and 5?"  (turns out, if you hit one, you pay 5 bucks per dart, if you dont its free, SCAM)
me: "huh? what do you mean? .....10?"
Carnie: "yep, you owe me 10, here's your prize"  
It's this crappy bear worth 25 cents.  I didn't want the stupid bear, I wanted Brian! so... he continued to con me until I paid 20 bucks for PBJ Brian *sigh*. 
T challenged the guy: "you do this all the time?"

Cockface: "yep, how else do I make 60k in 4 months" 

He made me look like a foolastnight... but I'm over it!  Brian is pretty awesome :)

Cou-Gary's Birthday
The rest of the weekend was pretty action packed, I don't think I even spent much time at home (wish I had more time!)  Jimmy's B-Day at Brunos and Gary's at Bliss Bar.

1.  Being very drunk after Jimmy's thang, getting forcefed a slice of pizza and all of a sudden it's morning.
2.  Gary coming back to the backroom (pretty awesome caged room) with a gash in his arm from falling on stairs!  It was still early in the night I think haha what a trooper.  Happy Birthday man
3.  Watching Gary's interactions with the older women at the bar haha, one of them gave him a little more than a bear hug?
4.  Xin!

Don't blame him, poor guy has to drive back to Hayward


Cora L. said...

I will be expecting BACON VODKA next time you come back!!! =) NEXT MONTH!!!

And remember what I told you... you can never be too careful. <3

Alex Thunderlips said...

The Nacho reference had me cracking up. Nicely done.

Fishy said... says "muck about/around" is informal for "to idle; waste time; loiter" so Yes! It's a word. Formally it is manure and dirt and stuff though lol