Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Railed in the Tunnel like a 400ft Train!

Hey everyone this is Chun Lick's co-contributor to WickyPedia, DillON. So I went to an interview today for the first time after job hunting exhaustively for the past month and a half. I'm excited as hell, and I'm literally ready to suck dick for a job. And when I get there I get a quick 5 minute one on one interview and then the dude goes oh hey, are you okay with a group interview that'll go for about 30 minutes. I think sure I need this job I need the money I'm two steps away from learning how to grow cocaine so I could finally buy a new razor blade for my 4 year old razor.

We get into a room and there are 7 other people in this group interview and I'm thinking Ahh shit this is going to be a ride. The first part was that everyone had to take turns answering questions and second people were almost answering the same way as the previous person, so similiar that it sounded like this.

"Oh yeah I use to be uber involved in student council, Fuck Ya!"
"Oh yeah I held the treasury position for student council, Yippee"

I tried to sit through it because I wanted a job but in the end it was too annoying, we had that one person who would talk to much, the few guys who probably applied for the wrong job and than the overdressed schmuck who probably thought he was over-qualified for the position, ME.

All in all I couldn't sit through the whole thing and got up during the middle of the group interview.

That's life for you.

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Cora L. said...

Hi Dillon! Sorry you didn't like the interview, but that means you probably wouldn't have really liked the job... I think 7 people is 4 too many for a group interview, because you really don't get to know anyone.

Oh well, happy job hunting! Why don't you look for something in SF?