Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Six Armed Blog and Legend of Evil Flav

Hey readers, I've joined a joint blog recently called "The Six Armed Blog"

I have no idea what direction this blog is taking, but I submitted a short story that inspired the title of the blog.  haha it actually started when someone asked me to tell him a bedtime story.

Here's an excerpt:
"There was once a strange little boy from a distant town called Erie.  Oh, it was a simple town with normal families, normal festivities, and a normal lumber mill that everyone worked at.  But this boy was strange, he was different.  He was quite a bit taller than the other kids, his shoulders were a little bit lopsided, and he never smiled.  The kids teased him, adults looked the other way.  It was a gloomy life for him in the town of Erie. Thus, he never smiled.

And also.... he had SIX ARMS."

Click here to read the rest! thanks

1 comment:

Cora L. said...

Lumber mill huh, is Erie near Portland? LOL