Thursday, March 13, 2003

aye wussup, its been a while. prolly wont read this until few days after today cus u prolly stopped checking my blog. welp my days as a junior arent overly strenuous, but it is still time consuming and challenging. I feel like im starting to accomplish things; not lazying off and being slack. I feel like i dont have enough time to spend with friends ( they dont either) so its been a while since ive seen the familiar faces. I remember back in the good childish days we would hangout nearly every week. now we cant get nething together cus the majority of us at one time or another have something they gotta do. If im free that day, most of my friends got sumthign to do. If someone ask me to do sumthin wit them, i got sumthin to do. but its all good i see that life changes from time to time. just gotta live with it. well lets see wut has happened while i was gone. think think think. im not good at remembering events. um... well i remember one thing, when i got my license at the DC dmv. it was cool. i was hella nervous about it and wen i passed i was celebrating like a fool. it felt good. oo i got my first A in a math test in a LOOONg time. i think its been a year since i got an A in a math test. I hope i can get more heh. ooh and i super Aced my physics test. only one problem wrong. hehe. got an A in engrish.(very rare for me, but prolly cus i have Kelly) B+ for us history (again) and chinese, im dreading every single day of that class.
damn i see society getting worse and worse. we got war coming up with a warcrazed leader. the economy is getting bad, the gov is cutting the budget for schools! damnit. itll suck if they cut all the art classes. like orchestra. i like orchestra, its one of the funner classes of my day. and playing the violin has been part of a big majority of my life. at least i finished all the requirements, what classes will the incoming students take? do they not take art at all? bahhh and they are TRIPLING the cost for vehicle registration. thats gonna stifle my parent's hope of getting a new minivan. we were researching a lot because our crap 2/3/4(or more)-hand cars require a lot of costly repairs. our eyes were set on the new toyota sienna 2004, its pretty cool, and looks a lot better than previous models. but the vehicle registration for a vehicle is pretty much, and if they triple it, along with rising insurance rates, rising gas prices. a new car may be out of reach.
I noe i dont talk about my troubles much, i am not ready to tell anyone because mostly i dont have any problems at home, just social problems. but im sick of being depressed (from freshmen and sophomore years) so i just try to keep a calm or positive mood. It seems to be helping too. whenever i have a bad day, i may feel a bit depressed again but i still try to be happy for all the things that i do have. while reading and listening to my friends, I have realized how much they go through. It is a very different side to what I am used to percieving them as. All these pressures (family, social, personal) that they are going through have taken a big toll on them. I can see notable changes to the attitudes/moods they have at school. they seem tired, and have a tint of sadness to their appearance. they have been suffering through a lot of things and they deserve better. i would really like to do something to help cus friends help each other through times of conflict. but i feel like i havent done much because i dont really know how to console or help their problems. i just hope that they will never give up.
it is pretty late. and i still have hw to do, which i will do at school later in the day.. this is reason why i have to give up games. i have a lot ahead of me. this is the 2nd semester of junior year. i am nearing the peak of high school education and i have to put out my best. SAT I and II i really need to study. i have never taken them and i want to get a decent score. hmm nothing much else to say. so... ok! good bye.... wait i have a lil bit more

most the pictures are gone cus my webspace thing(netfirms) doesnt allow remote hosting nemore but i did find a new one ( so i can share interesting pics. in the meantime i have stuff in my yahoo! briefcase posted from digital camera adventures at school. link is usually in my AIM info.
o and i probably wont post daily, unless something cool or important happens. peace

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