Saturday, March 15, 2003

I just noticed, its been over a month since i stopped blogging rite. so i read my february post, and it sez that i was sneezing cus o allergies. NOW i am STILL sneezing. its crazy. on thurs night, my nose was running like crazy, it was dripping like a ....... leaky faucet? yea. and then i get another sneezing frenzy, it was like 10 sneezes in a row. and a hint of blood was in my snot, but of course u dont wanna noe that. but TOO Bad im telling it neways. and then friday to today, my right eye tears for no reason. im not sad or nething. it juss comes out. a long river tear that goes down to my chin. its crazy. damn something is wrong with my nasals. hot diggity. seeya, imma gonna play some mario kart on my bros GB advance.

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