Sunday, March 23, 2003

hey readers,
blogs blogs blogs. i like to read others ppl blogs bc it gives me sumthing to do online. hmm i think thats teh first time i used "bc" i usually use "cus. ok. i also like to read blogs because it shows me something more about people I know. I like to read brians blog because his entries are very deep, very descriptive, and thoughtful. he writes what he feels, i like how he writes as a diary. not just events of ur life. he is a very gifted writer as well. It would be cool to see his blog published. heh itll be famous! I like to read henry's blog because lately we haven't had much time to hang out nemore. and it keeps me informed of what hap with his life. i like to read derricks blog because there is a lot of sadness goin on in his life that i never experienced much. and to the other blogs, triple a.l. jeefs, albo's, and others for keeping me entertained.

many ppl talkin bout junior prom. in my own mind, i havent been thinking of goin to jr prom mainly because i wouldn't noe who i would go with. im too shy, and insecure with myself. and these few years in highschool, i havent been taking interest in any particular girl. girls do catch my eye, but thats just outward beauty talkin. im not an outward person so i havent been meeting and socializing with girls so i dont get to know girls as friends. but lately ive felt something for someone i noe that i havent felt since middle school.(i re-read this, and it doesnt make sense. it isnt someone from my old middle school, im jusss saying the feeling is similar to another experience in middle school. get it? good) its that tingly feeling that starts in ur chest and fills ur body with warmth. and the person is always in ur mind. sometimes in ur dreams. but i dont know. im a person that would "fall in love" easily. maybe if u start talking to me as a friend, i can easily fall for u. that is if u are a girl. i dont think i am emotionally and mentally ready for a relationship, so i dont try to advance. and jr prom, i guess some would say that u should go because it doesnt have to be about relationships. but im juss unsure I could find neone, or motivate myself to go. and if u wanna know who that person is, sorry but im not sure i should tell u. i dont want nething to spread. not sure if i wanna start or end nething.

one thing u could ask me, is to see my drivers license card!. haha i got it in the mail on saturday. pretty cool eh? only 2 weeks of wait. i heard henry and derrick got theres in like 2 months. i am DMV VIP i guess. har har. and if u ask me if i could drive u, i will say NOO.

damn these free web hosting things. in the past, there were so many free hostings (good times).but now everything is gone. i rememebr there used to be like 100 mb free FTP, remote image host thingamabob, things everywhere. now its like 10 mb, with ads, rarely ftp, and u cant remote host.

i saw the acadamy awards kinda today, i think about an hours worth. a memorable moment was when adrien brody accepted his award. he smooched halle berry. smothered her with polish love. haha. and he gave a good and huge speech. haha he interrupted the music ppl when they started playing to boot him off. wut a character he is. and he got a standing ovation. (good times).

this weekend, i went with the orchestra to the mormon temple to perform with 4 other schools. it was a pretty good experience. i think randall got a senior girl's number heh. goojob. met an interesting person at piedmont. aha he made fun of the choir and started doing an african dance. his school is mostly white, and it seems like he is just like the friends that i noe. i hope ms. winters wont be layed off next year. cus then i would lose orchestra! and lose AP music! o no. that would be pretty sucks.
holy smokes, waht a long post. i think thats how my blog would be like. long breaks and long posts. i juss need something significant to talk about. i odnt wanna talk about wut happened to me that day. it gets monotonous. i dont care if u read this or not. unless if u do read it, i would care. yes. so that measn that i dont care if u dont read it. but then u wouldnt noe if u dont read it. so now i am confused. nehting else to say? yes. pang is a sux class. i dont think she should teach chinese. but hey, wut can u do.
oh yea i like to listen to oldies music, and sing to it. if u spy on my and see me doing it, i would be RUINEd. haha i could have RUINED u andy, but too bad i deleted the files.

i am grateful for my parents, friends, and family. good bye.
i will write another epic entry another time.
now i will do my math homework.


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