Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Interview Scare


12:20PM bi-bi-bi-beeep BI-BI-BI-BEEP: Holy shit, I was supposed to wake up early for my interview.  Good thing it's at 2, I can still make it.

1:10PM: Check the mirror to make sure I'm baller.  Damn my dress shoes are still in my car, so I go to my trunk and change shoes.  *SLAM* FUUUUUUUUUCK, out of rushing I lock my keys in the trunk.  Spares are in the house, and no one is home.  I'm panicking as all hell but at least I look good. 

Damn I rarely lock my keys in, and this has got to be the worst time.  It takes almost half an hour to get DT and im screwd.  I almost call my friend who got me the interview to reschedule.  Good thing my mom was having Dim Sum near by.  Good thing she knows how to drive like a Taxi driver.  Where would I be without my mama? She's awesome. 

I arrive at 1:57pm, adrenaline pumping, which is horrible for an interview.  I imagine rambling on tangents while the interviewere nods his head with frowed brows.
But it turns out, my friend was accompanying me on this interview, and we're all going to Ctown to get some Zhongs during the interview.  Chillest interview ever!  I end up talking with the guy for two hours, so I think I have a good chance.  Thanks to my buddy "Arnold Kworscheneggar"

Wish me luck guys.


Cora L. said...

NICE!! Best of luck, I hope you get an awesome job and come back to where you belonggggggggg :)

Alex Thunderlips said...

I guess that means we're playing basketball everyday after work in the summer. Just like the good ol' days.