Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Low

Ladies and Gents, I've hit a new low.


Is what I saw on the scale today.  What the hell happened you ask?  Well most recently I ran into a terrible sickness that lasted over a week.  Remember my post about my red face?  It got worse, much worse.  My face continued to swell up, get redder as a rash spread to my upper torso.  I was then bed-ridden for the next 3 days.  It was my cousin's spring break, and I barely got to see them!  When my relatives saw me, they thought I was going to die.  So naturally, they wrote me up a bucket list :)

1.  Done
2.  pending
3.  I did once! but I swear that demon dog still hates me.  Makes me sad that it keeps barking at me, makes me miss Bear.
4.  Do it all the time
5.  that's a good one, I'll work on this one! who's with me:
6.  ...what?
7. hmm.. seems easy enough, but not fulfilling enough for a bucket list
8.  done
9.  yea.. i really should do that.  Maybe as a metaphor for life: get rid of garbage
10.  CMON TOPANGA, shawn hair flip, cory 'hair flip', "that farmhouse, there", Angela, the Wilson half face joke, Feeny... that's 7, help me finish guys?


Alex Thunderlips said...

Don't bring that crap back here. No one wants your diseases. That bucket list is horrible. But it reminded me about mine. I should dig it up and see how I'm doing. But I know I haven't been shot yet so that's one thing I can't cross off my list.

6.) Yeah. What?! He wasn't in that movie.
10.) Angela (counts twice. 'nuff said), Playswithsquirrels, "Something about Israel?", Harley finally taking the "SOTs" his senior year, Minkus, Topanga drawing on her face with lipstick, when Angela's father said "DROP AND GIVE ME 20!" to Eric and he laid down on the floor and handed him a $20 and said "Fine. But you better pay me back!", Alan Matthews, The Exits, and finally, Nunsio and Surgio.

Cora L. said...

Wow you guys sure have great attention to detail when it comes to Boy Meets World LOl