Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Sucker for Food Spin-offs

Recently, I found myself unable to resist trying out my favorite foods in different sizes and flavors.  I'm walking down the cereal aisle and I see "NEW Jumbo Rice Krispies!", "Frosted-Mini Wheats: Little Bites", "Frosted-Mini Wheats: Blueberry flavored".  Cool! I thought.  I ended up buying all of them.

Jumbo Rice Krispies: blegh.. they were made with multi-grain. gross.
Frosted Mini Wheats - Little Bites: Mini-Mini Wheats? These were a winner.  I actually prefer the new little bites size.  It just feels right in my mouth.  These should be the new regular size, cus they aren't even that little!
Frosted Mini Wheats - Blueberry - Horrible as a cereal, great as a snack! It's too sweet for breakfast, but its great for watching tv or CoD.

I'm at my uncle's house and I see a bag of GIANT Cheetos.  Whoa cool I wanna try!  I don't know what it is about these food spinoffs, but they are almost insta-buys.  That's a tip for you snack industry.  The Giant cheetos were interesting, definitely robbed your mouth of all the saliva.  But I really wished they were Hot Giant Cheetos (just found out they exist!), because Hot Cheetos are like crack to me.

Pasadena School Bans sale of Hot Cheetos to kids
Heh how ridiculous and sad, I would have been devastated if that happened to me as a kid.  Theres this video of a radio show host slangin' Hot Cheetos to the kids.  hilariously awesome.


Cora L. said...

Dude, speaking of the devil!!! Last night at Brian's place there was a bag of HUMONGOUS MARSHMALLOWS!!!

And yeah, just way too much marshmallow for one bite, or two or three.....

Oh oh oh and recently my mom bought a bag of hot cheeto zingers??? They're like the small extra-crunchy pieces you get at the bottom of a hot cheeto bag, but A WHOLE BAG FULL!

One point for the mini-sizes!

Unknown said...

Hot cheetos are my life

Alex Thunderlips said...

That video is awesome. And you're fat hahaha gain any weight yet?

D42 said...

I'm gonna get a bag of hot cheetos.

Unknown said...