Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Meteor Shower

Just came back from trying to see a Meteor Shower tonight with Andy.  The last time we tried to see one, it was foggy as hell and we couldn't see anything.  Tonight was a lot clearer, we went up to Land's End and could actually see a bunch of stars.  We were out there for almost an hour and I didn't see shit!  Andy saw two trails; the sky must hate me.  As I was laying there I heard a "seagull" noise, but.. seagulls don't come out at night right? Must have been something (or someone?) else haha.  Anyways, we were about to leave... and suddenly! I see a burst of light flying across the sky! ...It was Andy flicking his cigarette. 

Next time, sky.. next time.

Science Time:
So we were wondering if there was a difference between meteor showers and a falling star.  Turns out, they're the same.  Falling stars aren't stars.  They're caused by cosmic debris or rocks (meteoroid) entering the earth's atmosphere and burning up.  Cool.

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Cora L. said...

I bet the seagull sound was ANDY hahahahahaa, he so WOULD do something like that! And it's okay, I didn't see any shooting stars either =) Next time maybe!