Thursday, November 12, 2009


Haven't really had a main topic these days, but I got some notables!:

On Tuesday: 
Hung out with Andrew to watch the WSOP Final Table.  It was pretty damned amazing watching 21 year old Joe Cada win it all.  At one point he only had 2million chips with the blinds at 500k/1mill, so he was pretty much hanging by a thread.  In my view, he won this tournament because he was lucky, but congrats to him being a millionaire by 21 wow.

Got introduced to Metric by Anju!  Yea, a lot of people have been talking about them and I actually recognized some songs, but I never consciously listened to the lyrics.  But Cora's cursory analysis, opened my eyes (ears?) haha, i also learned some vocabulary reading that post haha.  Anyways, I shall be getting myself acquainted to Metric these couple of weeks.  (favorites so far: Help I'm Alive, Sick Muse, G G and G)

Had Kitaro for lunch with the Gary and went to Ross to pick out some Lumberjack wear for Tiana and Paula's House Partay.  It should be fun! Too bad I didn't grow out the facial hairs for 3 weeks like Halloween.  It's actually much more appropriate for this event! darn.

Accomplished one of my "goals" from way back!  I can now play SNES, NES, GENESIS games directly off of my WII!  I revisited some of my favorite games: Tetris Attack, Zelda: Link to the Past, Super Bomberman 5, and Rivercity Ransom.  Nostalgic funblastastic!

Lazy procrastination's got the best of me.  I gotta stop staying up till 3-4AM! I wanted to go down to Sunnyvale to finish step 2 (verification of UI benefits) and step 3 (talking to career counselor about the PM program), but apparently you have to show up before 10:30AM.  Otherwise they run out of time slots for the counselors.  I pretty much wasted my time and gas today for like 2 minutes to complete step 2 blah.  So.... who thinks I can wake up at 7AM tomorrow? hahaha

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Cora L. said...

7AM?? not if you sleep at 4am LOL, im glad i inspired you =) your faves are also my faves!! and i like satellite mind too LOL even though it makes the least sense... YAY! metric buddies! i hope you do an analysis too LOL