Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Waste of Effort!


So today my goal was to apply to these two new positions posted by "Company".  I wanted to stand out so I decided to write two different cover letters for each position.  So I'm at Zephyrs at 9-11 diligently cranking out these cover letters and feeling good about myself.  Then when I get back home to check on the application status, I found out that their stupid online system only saves the most recent cover letter!!  For some reason they just delete your previous ones, what the heck.  I've written a total of 3 cover letters for "Company" because I was applying for 5 different positions!  How does that make any sense?  I put in my effort to handcraft each letter for a specific position, and they only take one?!  That's jacked up.  I wasted my time.  Now I have to write a generic one.  so lame.

1 comment:

Cora L. said...

too bad you can't apply directly, oh well-lesson learned! check if you can upload multiple cover letters before writing them :) A for effort though chad!