Tuesday, January 05, 2010

It's a Hardknock Life

It was 10:32PM on a Sunday and I was just hanging out at one of my spots in the city.  *BZZT* My Blackberry flashes and I get an e-mail from a dealer friend of mine.  Yo wutsup man, I got some high demand for that H, get here by 12.  Damn, I just hit the lottery, I had 20 G's worth of Heroin stashed and this guy needs it bad.  I'm gonna make some bank tonight, Ibiza here I come.  I pop open my safe and grab as much as I could fit in my messenger bag.  SHIT! I just realized my G35 is in the shop because my knucklehead cousin nearly totaled it streetracing.  No matter, the streets are my dealership and my 9mm is my down payment.  I quickly hail down a Taxi and knock out the driver with my 9mm.  As his body hits the ground with a thud, I stomp on the gas and head toward the bridge.  I gotta get to Northside Park quick, or I'm shit out of luck. 

My heart is racing as I dodge traffic, weaving in and out bumping into cars and barely missing pedestrians.  It doesn't matter, the car isn't mine, and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is huge. *BAM!* I just rear-ended someone.  DAMN, oh good, car still works, but as I reverse I noticed the words on the back of the trunk.  Siren's are blazing as I gas forward.  I make the bridge with two patrol cars tailing me.  I can shake them I can shake them.  I know i can shake them!  I see the exit and I swerve three lanes over to barely make it.  YES! I look back to see one of the cops just busted into the divider.  One to go.  As I look back on the road, I see this huge brick wall in front of me. oh..god. *SKIIIIRRT* phewf, I brake just in the nick of time to prevent me from being graffitied onto the wall.  But the window suddenly shatters and I see a gun in my face.  Busted.  NOOOOOO  $$$

Oh well.  At least I saved before I left my place.  :)

haha, so I was looking for things to bring on the trip to Oregon and I got this game GTA: Chinatown Wars for my DS because it got a 9/10 on Gamespot.com

I'm now hooked.  I loved GTA I, II, III and on and this was a really nice package for the DS.  The view was birds-eye view just like the older GTA's but the gameplay was just as fun as the newer ones.  The great thing about this game is that they really incorporated the side-stories and side-missions well.  Right now, as you can see from the above account that I've been making money as a drug dealer.  So fun!!  I love fake crime. 

I recommend this game if you're into them gangster movies and games like I is.

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Cora L. said...

Ahahahaha, so exciting!!! I thought it was a dream at first, or at least I was hoping it was....

But I should've known it was Chinatown Wars - I mean G35!! Come on man!! LOL