Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Learn Chinese: R's and L's

I just realized something today.

To mock Cantonese accents, you say "velly lomantic"
but to mock a mandarin accent, you say "harooo rara"

R's =>L's, L's =>R's  wahh..

Today was my uncles birthday so he poured me some "baijiu" in a cup (about 3 shots).  He looks at the bottle and shakes his head muttering "jah yeh" (weakstuff).  I'm thinking it's probably like twenty something, but when I take a look: 38%!! haha the label said 62% water 38% alcohol.  Stuff was pretty potent, but it actually went down pretty smooth.

In China, especially during the upcoming Chinese New Year, people start drinking like crazy.  My pops told me if you don't drink at the table you get severely ostracized, so it's a social thing.  When I was there several years ago, I saw my dad and his brothers get piss drunk over MaoTai (54-55%)haha.  It was pretty funny, and everyone had a great time. 

From the great teacher Wikipedia:

Gan Bei! 干杯!


Steph D. said...

gah ross. rice wine fire water.

Cora L. said...

Wow Henry Kissinger, I did a report on him in high school, and I don't remember a thing. LOL