Monday, January 18, 2010


Even though it was a short time I had in SF before I had to leave for Portland, I had tons of fun.  I’m very grateful and happy that we all got together and hung out.  I think I’m still riding on some of the high from the last two weeks!  Good times, Great city, Best of friends yay-uh:

  • Zoo (the asian look, chris-anju incident, and seals not sea lions!)
  • Legion of Honor (pretty random)
  • Snowboarding (beautiful view, cracked phone screen, steaming pile of feet)
  • Dad’s Dinner + CS LAN (so fun, then less fun when Andy was awping)
  • Lot’s of Pho and Burrito in between.  (I acknowledge Gordo’s now, but Chino’s has crack in it)
  • Warriors Vs. Bucks (loss) with Drew – but lower level seats! (fat dude getting angry haha, dude made 3 pointer for year of free tri-tip)
  • 1st Live Hockey Game – Thanks LexLai, dude it’s way more fun watching in the stadium.  I like hockey more now.  But there’s no hockey here.  How far is Vancouver?

Last Night Out

Had a blast that night! Like going out with a bang.  Planned on 1-3 drinks, ended up drinking 6.


Good lookin' bunch

This was awesome, I read the box when I got home and it was hilarious haha.


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= )

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Gordo's is delicious.