Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Christmas with the Family

Ahh I had a great Christmas with my family this year.  We've had many of these Christmases and having 7 cousins in one house every single day is rowdy as hell.  We all generally get along pretty well and have a lot of fun and laughs every time we get together.  Our traditional go-to games to play are Charades, wrestling, and human stacking feats ("I bet you can't carry two of us up the stairs at the same time!" "I bet you can't carry three kids at once!" "I wonder if the kids (108-115lbs) can support us (155-175lbs) in a pyramid this year")  This year we had some new games like: Blokus!! Counterstrike! Mario Wii!

This is how our family is structured:
Ages 21-23: David, Dillon, Me
Ages 14-16: Wilton, Kenneth, and Daniel
Age 10: Celina the only girl (Dude, my little 10 year old cousin Celina was quick-scoping in Counter-strike and got the most sniping kills USING A TOUCHPAD. savage. )

You can see how rowdy it can get with so many guys.  It's never a dull moment.  And we pretty much got to feast on my Dad's cooking every single day.  RIBS godamn. that almost made me tear up they were so good.

This year's X-mas Loot:

1.  Haha this was the most awesome gift wrapping I ever got.  A Mario question mark box that Dillon told me to punch to get the gift inside.
What could be inside?

 A mushroom of course! hahah this is totally going in my car.. for the extra boost of course :)

2. Failblog book for the toilet, and a TMNT shirt!  sweeeeet

2b. (or not 2b?) a warm winter jacket siiccck.. as Brian put it:  Plaid for Chad haha.  You can see it in my hand.

 3.  Tempur-pedic slippers!  So warm and cushy

4. Flight of the Bumble-bee sheet music (yes!)
5. Heated Mattress Pad (woohooo)

6. And of course.. HELLA cookies

Merry Christmas!

What about NYE you ask?
  • Sober.
  • Turned on TV at 11:46.
  • Countdown with the Seacrest and Dick Clark.
  • Eat Cheesecake.
  • Play 2 hours of Counterstrike.
(it was actually more fun than it sounds heh)


Cora L. said...

You had a nice, wholesome New YEars! And you got everything I wanted for Christmas (besides the cookies LOL) wooot!!!

Alex Thunderlips said...

Like I said, I'll step on her throat.