Friday, January 29, 2010

TV is garbage

After dinner today, we were watching some TV and my Uncle is just channel surfing because they have all these free trial channels for 3 months.  It's a normal evening you know, people are talking about Food network and some of their favorite shows, when BAM he surfs to a channel amidst a rape scene.  Awkward!

He quickly switches to the next channel as the kids are like what the...


It's a cop walking with a girl that just got her car stolen.  He's taking her to the station to help find her car, but.. somethings not right.  They walk to this back alley with a warehouse.  The cop explains that its the substation because the station doesn't have enough offices.  The warehouse is locked, because his partner didn't come back yet.  So he tells her to get into a yellow buggy and starts to drive.  She gets smart and realizes hes not driving to the station.

By now we all know it's not gonna end well.  She starts punching the hell out of his face, and we're all like yea! kick his ass!! but he pulls over and threatens her with a gun.  He then proceeds to....*channel changes*

It was quite awkward with the uncle and cousins.  Man.. there's so much garbage on TV nowadays.


Cora L. said...

What the hell, what a ridiculous movie. I'm guessing it was made-for-tv!! This reminds me of awkward moments in high school, when I would be in the car with my parents and commercials about sex and STDs would randomly pop up. Nothing you can really say about that. Yeah... super awkward. LOL

Steph D. said...

that's why you should share 2.5men with them!

and wana talk about awkward? i was watching sopranos with my dad once and there was a sex scene. THAT'S AWKWARD