Saturday, January 09, 2010

MINI Report and Funnies

Just picked up the MINI from the dealership

- Oil & Filter Change
- New Hood Scoop (old one started melting from the heat generated from the turbo O_O)
- Tire repaired (apparently had a nail in it, but the leak was so slow I didn't know!)

Yay for Warranty!  It's been 18000 miles and almost 18 months, and I still love my car.  I shall be diligent in taking care of it (cars don't have genders) so that I can own it forever.  I was on the NAM forum and was reading this thread:  You Know You Drive A MINI When...

Favorite Few:
-When you get scared someone stole your car when it's actually just parked behind a bigger car/truck. (This has happened to me a lot haha)
-You find yourself wishing the road was just a little more twisty.
-You take one last look at your vehicle in the parkinglot/garage/driveway before it leaves your viewing-zone. (yep)
-When you come to a stop, put on your parking brake, turn the ignition off, and instinctively tell your passenger to, "pull twice!"
-when a girl passenger yells WOW ITS SO BIG(staring at the speedo), and you reply YUP! thats what all the girls say (haha yea its funny when I read this i realized all girls do say that)
-You don't bother to step on the brake when making turns
-You find yourself aimlessly surfing websites about your car... (..yea)
-Little kids eyes get big when they see your mini.
-When you pull down the sun visor and half your view is gone .
-you get that last parking spot on the block because everyone else was too bloated to fit in it
-you remember the birthday of your MINI... (hah damn. 5/7/2008 born in UK, 6/20/2008 arrived in US)

Yea the culture around MINI owners is great.  Everyone just kind of understands each other's experiences like its an inside joke of ours.  

What can Your MINI fit?

I got the MINI because of its speed, MPG, easy parking, and damned good looks.  But theres definitely one major drawback that I had to compromise with... interior space.  It's definitely hard to fit passengers and cargo with the small trunk space, but you'd be surprised what you can fit if you played some Tetris.  One pal commented earlier that they wanted proof of two snowboards in the MINI: 

Tada!! I was surprised myself! Totally do-able.

Then I remember browsing some forums on what ridiculous things MINI cooper fit in their cars a few years ago when I was researching.  So I went back and found all I could find.  Enjoy:



Good for gigs


These are some pretty ridiculous over-the-top ones haha

Over-the Top Literally

Or if you didn't have a roof rack, you can... Tetris!

And lastly....

Enough room for 22 people :)

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Cora L. said...

omg the german shepherds are so cute!! and my fave of the list was the sun visor one LOL.

and i hate thinking that i've spotted a parking spot only to find that there is an f'ing mini fully recessed in the spot already. DO YOU GUYS DO THAT ON PURPOSE??